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    Northern Berry - SOG - 4x4 Tent - 700W LED

    :welcome: So, I'm experimenting with Sea of Green (SOG) in a 4x4 tent using double big gulps (DBG) as pots under 700w of LED. Usually I'm a SCROG and HPS kinda guy but it's time to experiment :thumb: To start, DBGs can hold 1.89 litres of soil/medium, damn close to a #3 pot. My thought...
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    Day one Dwc Flowering

    hey guys this is my first post on the forums as ie finally started flowering and here is the tricky part right, anyway heres some backround information veg 400watt m/h dutchmaster gold A+B grow canna rhizotonic 3 northern lights x kush from week 1-3 ppm was 550 at p.h remained stable at...
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    Nijntje's 1st Hydro NLX Grow Journal - DWC - Tneon T5

    I'm currently growing 11 NLX plants (8 outdoor / 3 indoor) which is a clone only and mostly indica strain. My outdoor plants are already vegging for about 6 weeks, so I'm not going to cover their progress as often because they're already pretty far ahead. But I'll try to give weekly updates...
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