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northern lights

  1. Joebong

    Northern Lights #5 Grow

    This is only my second grow. I hope it goes good. Just put the seeds in a paper towel and put them on my tv to keep them warm. I'm wondering if the seeds should be this small. They are tiny. They are fem seeds and I have never seen one before this.
  2. M

    1st Grow Time (Preparation)

    I've done the research I just need advice from those who have experience. Here a shopping list so far, add to it as you see fit for a newbie: - Emily's Garden Hydroponic System — $78.94 - Canna's Cannazym — $27.95 - Mylar walls — $19.99 - 400 Watt HPS + MH Digital Grow Light System -...
  3. B

    300W LiteBrite (LED) Multi-Strain Perpetual Grow

    Good day to all! This will be my first journal and I guess my introduction here at 420mag. I followed a few of the LED brethren over here, seems that 420mag folks are more acceptable of us LiteBrite users :). I couldn't get through a grow on 2 different other boards without some asshat bashing...
  4. Durango Trip

    Durango Trip's Deep Water Culture/Northern Lights,Master Kush, AK-47 Combo Grow

    Greetings to all, and thank you for checking out my grow. This is my 1st attempt at an indoor grow using "Deep Water Culture". a big thanks to Roseman and the rest of the Deep Water Culture for their great instructions. I will be growing in a Jardin DR 120 tent with a combo of lights. For my...
  5. N

    NobleWeed's Perpetual Grow, Soiless

    Well i guess its time for me to make a new grow journal since my last one has been over with for a while now. Well lets start with the basics. Q:What strain is it? A:I am growing my original hybrid from last grow, calling it F1. Also i am growing Seedman seeds Norther lights, Afghan #1...
  6. Stealthy1

    Northern Lights X Big Bud Hempy Clone Grow

    So NLxBB Take 12 in 3...2...1... Hello folks, I didnt have a journal from my last grow but this plant is a clone of my best plant in the last grow. We are just about to switch to 12/12 I have a new sealed hood in the works... Nothing special just to keep heat down inside the cab... (its...
  7. D

    600w, flood tray

    high everybody:welcome: heres some pics of the system tray rez :ganjamon: ill b doing 4 plants comments welcome:peace:
  8. S

    First Grow, Deep Water Culture, Northern Lights, Pics

    Hey 420 community. After reading and re-reading many great threads, I vacuumed my closet then doused it in bug spray, soaked my stuff in pH balanced water, hung some lights and mylar and planted my babies. I decided to start a log here to seek any advice and constructive criticism along my...

    PhatBlunts GWS,Northern Lights Grow

    hey guys im in for my second run, after relocating the grow, last harvest yielded about 4oz from 2 plants. and im looking to really increase that on number!! so im trying to germ my seeds, i have 4 Fem GWS and 4 Regular Northern Lights (hoping for male to make seeds) how should i germ...
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