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  1. Corleone8

    Northern Lights Auto Flower - Soil - Indoors - 400W

    Starting this journal for anyone that wants to follow along, but more importantly; so that I can harvest tips. Its my first grow. Had 10 seeds, germinated 1, this it her below. Im on day 21. Sorry for the late post. For the record, I put the seed in tap water for 18 hours, (didn't air the water...
  2. 20180323_121006.jpg


  3. 20180323_120935.jpg


    Northern Lights Day 45 Flower
  4. 20180323_120851.jpg


    Northern Lights Day 45 Flower My Pride and Joy this one
  5. 20180323_120838.jpg


    Northern Lights Day 45 Flower
  6. 20180323_120823.jpg


    Northern Lights Day 45 Flower
  7. 20180323_120806.jpg


    Northern Lights Day 45 Flower
  8. 20180323_120733.jpg


    Northern Lights Day 45 Flower
  9. D

    Northern Lights Indoor Soil Grow By D4U2G0 - 2018

    Hey everybody, this is my third attempt growing and my second attempt with my current setup. Everything I've learned about growing is just by researching the web, so any tips or tricks are welcome. This also is my first time posting here, please be gentle if I screw up. Thanks in advance to all...
  10. L

    Last Chance Goes For It All - CK North Light Auto

    So my last grow went alright. Got about 3 to 4 ounces off a CK Northern Lights auto. Learned a few things and know I can do better. I used a 3 gallon pot and in only 90 days she was completely root bound. I fed her way too early and she got nute lockout I won't pick and defoliate as...
  11. StickyNicky

    My First Grow 1200W HPS - MH Northern Lights - Super Cheese - White Widow

    What strain is it - Northern lights/white widow/Super cheese Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid- Both Is it in Veg or Flower stage- Veg If in Veg how long- 3 weeks If in Flower stage... N/A Indoor or outdoor- Indoor Soil or Hydro- Soil If soil what mix- my recipe high grade soil, vermiculite...
  12. Mono

    One Man & His Bush

    :welcome: Welcome everyone - another journal, and another go at pulling a kilo from a single plant under the 600 watt HPS.:high-five: May as well cut to the chase :thumb: The so-called filler run is currently flowering under the HPS, they have been on 12/12 for around 14 days now...
  13. H

    Just started! Any and all help appreciated

    :thanks: Names Lucky. Have thrown seeds into pots 15 years ago and watched them grow. Since then I have read and been intrigued but have not even smoked in the most recent years :volcano-smiley: Always has been a passion to grow and now I have the means to do so, not to mention some superb...
  14. K

    CKS Northern Lights Auto - Soil pH is too low

    Growing CKS NL Auto Fem (Day 37) in soil. Just tested pH 3 different ways. Dr. Meter S20 4 in 1 reads 5.0 (unreliable imho) Patec pH meter reads 6.0 (new) Environmental Concepts soil test kit reads 5.5 (new, should be the most accurate) Soil is Fox Farm Ocean Forest. (Clay pebbles...
  15. N

    My First Grow

    I finally made the decision to try my first grow. I have been on several tutorial sites to get basic instructions. I ordered 3 different strains of feminised seeds from an online seed bank My seeds arrived about 4 weeks later. One of the strains was missing from the package, after a few emails...
  16. K

    Transplanting Auto Flowering Seedlings From Solo Cups

    Rookie mistake! I started auto flower Feminized Northern Lights CKS seedlings in solo cups. Then I recently discovered that they should have been started in their final 3 gallon pots so as to avoid transplant stress. Is this info True or False? Right now they are in ProMix organic soil, no...
  17. H

    Spring Grow - OG - Northern Lights - Rehab Girl - Train Wreck Auto

    Good morning all! This is my first attempt at a grow journal been reading several for the past several months. Going to have several strains on the go. This is the starting line up for now till my clones start rolling in. We have a couple strains we aren't sure if they will make er the full...
  18. L

    Help - Heat burn on my seedling

    Hey everyone! I was just looking to see if anyone could give me any advice on my poor seedling. I came home late from work last night and found that the light had came undone and burned my seedling pretty bad, my question is should I start over or is it possible for this little lady to recover...
  19. farside05

    Step By Step Blueberry & Northern Lights Autos By Farside

    Welcome to my journal. I'm just getting back into the swing of things so I though I'd create a new journal from the ground up. I hope to document every step along the way, from seeds in packages, sprouting, transplanting, tent setup, training to harvest. So lets jump in:
  20. I

    Iceman420's Hydroponic-Northern Lights and Skunk #1 + White Walker Kush~Before LST

    This is about 4 or 5 days ago before i started doing some LST on them. The main stems are looking pretty strong, i think this is about day 18 or so, somewhere around there, ill post the pics of all the LST i did, its looking like its going to work great. I have a couple of air pumps pumping air...
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