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  1. MikkaTheEnt

    Northern Lights Indoors Hydro

    My second simultaneous grow is Northern Lights auto: Date started: 2018 Jan 10 Germination: Seed in between 2 moist paper towels, transferred to Rooter plugs in germination station Seed(s): Northern Lights auto from Growers Choice Indoors/Outdoors: Indoors Tent: Vivosun 2x4x5 with two 4"...
  2. Stunned

    Blue Dream arriving soon

    Put an order in for 5 Blue Dream seeds from Seeds Also got 3 Northern Lights I'm so pumped to raise a Blue Dream
  3. N

    First Grow - 600W LED Northern Lights Auto

    Hey guys, new to the forums and first post here. Just got my first grow started. I'll be growing 2 northern lights auto's in my homemade grow tent in my closet. Here is my closet grow setup: 2 Northern Lights autos 600w LED 3 gal pots 190cfm exhaust fan Humidity between 40-60% PVC tent wrapped...
  4. D

    DesertPlant's 2nd DWC White Widow & Northern Lights Journal - 2017

    This will be my second grow. The first was several years ago and is posted here. This grow will be two plants in a 5' x 2.5' tent. One is a White Widow from ILGM, and one Northern Lights that will be planted once the seeds are delivered. Both are feminized seeds. The WW spent a day in water...
  5. G

    Quick Northern Lights Question

    I jist started my first crop in over 8 years. I chose northern lights fem from Nirvana but i can't find any real info on it. So my question is since northern lights is a heavy main cola producer does she take well to topping? I know some strains dont like it and i have never grown northern...
  6. Ron Strider

    High Flying Marijuana Trio From Ansonia And Milford Busted By Feds

    The flights were high and loaded with marijuana. Now a federal grand jury in New Haven has indicted Donald Burns, 59, of Milford, the pilot and two alleged distributors Robert Capelli, 31, and Scott Bodnar, 38, of Ansonia with trafficking at least 2,200 pounds of marijuana by airplane. Shortly...
  7. C

    Northern Lights - Pre-harvest question

    These two plants by time are about a week or two away from harvest. This is my first grow and I really don't want to screw this part up. They are Northern Lights. Very bushy although the pictures don't really show that. When should I trim the leaves not directly related to the buds (fans...
  8. higherthehigh

    7 Scrog Northern Lights - 8 Green Crack - Wilma Scrog & 2 Purple Haze

    hello all and welcome to my 2nd journal. 7 northern lights 34 days from seedling, getting flipped on the 12/06/17 to 12/12. 8 green crack unsure of when from seedling but will find out and fill in here, around 2-3 weeks. 2 purple haze are 10 days from seedling, planning on flipping...
  9. ben1984

    Northern Lights Feminised - Computer Grow Box

    This is a plant i grew a few years ago, I got a northern lights seed online along with a very small computer grow box. I used CFL lights and changed the temp when it came to flowering. Enjoy ;)
  10. S

    Nutrient burn or deficiency on my Northern Lights? Please help - First time grower

    Hi Everyone, This is my first attempt at growing medical marijuana. I am currently growing a northern lights, a ghost og, and two harlequin clones. The problem seems to only be affecting my northern lights strain. I cannot tell if it is nutrient burn or nutrient deficiency. I am currently...
  11. Cap3550

    Northern Lights & Amnesia Haze Auto Fem grow - When to harvest

    First time grower. 7 weeks into my grow on both Northern Lights and Amnesia Haze. All plants are 3.5'-4' and flowering nicely. The seed description say 8 weeks before harvest. Wondering what I should be looking for before I start cutting branches and drying out the buds. Any suggestions...
  12. akuser47

    Need help or suggestions to get help with my Northern Light

    To start off I am a total newbie. Mods I made this duplicate because I accidently put this thread in the ask questions thread. Please delete that one. I am using a grow tent 36"x36"x54" and maintain 56% humidity and 75 degrees during day cycle and 71 degrees in night cycle. Though I have to...
  13. C

    Northern Lights does not flower

    Hi guys, I have a problem with northern lights (auto) in my cabinet. They are not flowering! Here is the background. Cabinet space is 90cm by 90cm. 20 lt soil for each plant. 5 plants -> 2 white widow (auto) + 3 northern lights White widows are from sensiseeds, northern lights are from...
  14. S

    Northern Lights #5

    Hey guys, So I remember some herb from about 20 years ago which was quite memorable mostly for its taste and smell; it's was NL #5 from the British Columbia Seed Bank (distributed by emery seed catalogue back in Cannabis Canada). Does anyone recall this strain and where it can be found...
  15. D

    Does this look weird?

    this is northern lights
  16. D

    Is it ready? Trichome pics also! LMK

    Let me know if ready thanks ! Northern Lights AK jpg[/img][/spoiler]
  17. T

    The Autoflower Experience

    hello 420 people i just started 3 northern lights auto flowers on 3-5-17 i am about done with my first grow and with these northern lights plants i want to try and get the most yeild as i can. i have fow farm nutes and i plant them in 5 gallon grow bags in fox farms ocean forest soil so with...
  18. higherthehigh

    Curing problem - Do I need jars?

    hi everyone! after harvesting my northern lights grow i got 1774g wet weight so im roughly looking at 12-14 oz dry weight. iv got another 9 auto northern lights to harvest in the next few weeks. is there any other way than jaring them to cure them? i cant afford to buy jars at the...
  19. K

    First Time Grower - 300w CFL - Northern Lights Auto, Royal Cheese Auto

    Hey all, welcome to my grow journal! This is my first time growing anything at all so I'll probably need lots of tips along the way. I finished setting up the grow tent up and just started germinating the seed. Here's some more info on the setup. Strain: Northern Lights Auto (In 80% Ru 20%)...
  20. higherthehigh

    Fem Northern Lights LST & Northern Lights Auto Grow

    hello everyone! i should have started my journal along time ago but iv not know how to till now, ill update at every point. hope everyone likes what im trying so hard at. 5 feminised (broke soil 5/12/2016) veg for 3 weeks under 300cfl (12/12 start under 600w hps) 9 northern lights auto's...