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  1. W

    Hey from Northern Ireland

    Hi folks... Thinking of setting up a wee project. Gonna head over to the appropriate forum and make a post now. Might be a stupid idea.
  2. L

    How is Autoflower Northern Lights yield outdoors in Northern Canada?

    i am wondering if anyone has grown the northern lights autoflower in northern canada? this strain is from crop king seeds:thumb:
  3. S

    SHRuuM's 1st Grow Journal Of NL - TW & EM

    This grow is Early Miss, TrainWreck and Northern Lights[one of my personal favorites]. All three are feminized and auto flowering from CKS seeds that arrived March 1, 2016. Early Miss is 60% Indica,30% Sativa,10% Ruderalis. TrainWreck is 30% Ind., 60% Sat. & 10% Ruder. Northern Lights is...
  4. Stinky Snid

    Stinky Snid's Crop King Journal Contest - Northern Lights & White Widow

    Hey everyone, I am going to be starting this contest entry journal about my three newest cropking sprouts.The first two were the last of 5 white Widow seeds from cropking that survived my germination blunders. The first one strangled itself, one failed to germinate...It's Tap root never made it...
  5. PurpleGunRack

    Northern Lights x Big Bud

    Northern Lights X Big Bud from World of seeds Smell: Floral and fruity, hints of green apple and strawberry jam (9/10) Taste: Wierd floral and musky blend (5/10) Effect: Headstrong and nice body stone (9/10) Medical: Insomnia ( 9/10) Pain (8/10) Growing: Very easy...
  6. Onkruid

    Northern Lights Fem - When to Flip

    :Namaste: Not so new to growing but new to Northern Lights (Sensi Seeds -feminized) and have absolutely no idea when to go 12/12. They're in week 2 veg in a cabinet with DWC/top drip and are 6" tall. The cabinet ceiling is 32". The strains I normally grow typically stretch about 3x in...
  7. B

    Nirvana Northern Lights Seeds

    Hello everyone. Can someone tell me if the Nirvana Northern Lights seed strain is the same as the Northern Lights Auto strain? Not sure which to try. Thanks
  8. K

    Grow room pot size

    What is the best size pot to put plants in for growing indoors. The strains that I am planting are Northern Lights auto flowering and Sour Diesel.
  9. sumloud

    N deficiency in 2 week old seedling? NL yellowing and curling

    Hey everybody, first time grower here. Germinated 4 seeds (2x AK-48, 1x Bubba's Gift, 1x Northern Lights) and planted in Rapid Rooters and watering with 6-6.5 pH distilled water in 80F, 30% RH, 24/0 from 300W LED. One of the 4 seedlings, the Northern Lights, is experiencing yellowing and...
  10. W

    45th N parallel choices

    I live in Oregon and just trying to decide what to grow this spring.... I have Honeysuckle , Mojave OG kush, Spliff Sweet & sour, OG Berry, Northern lights, and assorted auto's.... looking forward to another spring/ summer. Any one from Oregon?
  11. S

    Help - Is this plant flowering? 2 pics

    Need help guys. Purchased Feminized White Widow and Auto Fem Northern Lights. I thought I planted all White Widow, but this plant clearly looks different from the others, even the leaves. Have all my plants on 24/24 light, and this is the 34th day. Is this one flowering? It has tons of...
  12. GreenKitty

    1st Grow - Indoor Northern Lights Auto

    Hey there :) This is my first attempt at growing a plant, I've never planted anything in my life, but with lots of research (a lot of it here in the forum, thanks for all the amazing info you have) I have my little plant growing. She's 20 days old and I wanted to create a journal to share this...
  13. C

    What is going wrong?

    I am growing Northern Lights x Skunk #1 auto, under 400w CFL's. Am still a bit of a newbie and would like any support/help i can get! What is going wrong with this grow? There is some yellowing and brown spots on the lower leafs. Could be possible i over watered, and/or water was too acidic...
  14. G

    Gustavo's Indoor Closet Grow

    Quick background about me; I am an online professional poker player so I have a load of free time on my hands. I needed a hobby and stumbled across this place a few weeks ago. I've become fascinated by the growing and journals on here so decided to give it a go myself. I started reading here...
  15. M

    My 1st Grow! Northern Light - Nirvana Seeds Feminized

    Strain: Northern Light (Nirvana Seeds Feminized) White strain: No Feminized: Yes Medical: No Effect: High (head trip) yet stoned (body buzz) Flowering period: 7 - 9 weeks Average yield: 400 - 500 (g/m² in SOG) Flavour: sweet / smooth Plant height: Short Plant type: Indoor as well as...
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