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    White Widow in flower

    Hey gang, just a few shots of WW flowering at 6-1/2 weeks into flowering. Nothing spectacular-----yet
  2. G

    Cannot crack my seeds

    Seeds are from a friend , not sure how old or anything else. I know he's been growing for years and very good stuff. This is my first grow, and I have tried to germinate these things with no success Any input would help, I've let them float in water till hey drop And paper towel them(...
  3. R

    Over watering issues?

    So I'm just a few days away from switching to flowering.. my plants have been in veg for around 42ish days.. I've been feeding fox farms nutes according to their schedule and amounts.. I follow a schedule of feed, nothing, plain water, nothing, feed and so on.. nutes come twice a week and...
  4. W

    Oops - Planted seeds in unsifted compost - Need advice

    i have 6 sprouts growing 3 autos 3 photos .Growing insode compost mixed with perlite there's nothing wrong it's just there's a lot of thick wood chips though .What should I do or would i be okay doing nothing will this affect growth in a negative way eventually? i have pics dont know how to post
  5. C

    Help with first time deficiency

    Hi all Could anyone look at these leaves and tell me whats going on. I tried many different things but nothing has worked. This only showed up a bout a week ago, 3rd week into flower.... Thanks!