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  1. M

    Has anyone seen something like this?

    Plant has been harvested. No issues. Curing at the moment. Noticed this when I pull out the stem. Any ideas what caused this?
  2. M

    35 days in flower - Is this a potassium issue?

    Hi guys. Somehow got this far by solely gleaning info from the forum and didn't want to ruin things this deep into my first grow. I'm going northern lights, in soil, in a diy cabinet. Lights are 150W hps and I've got 4 cfls added for flowering. Noticed some of the lower fan leaves are...
  3. C

    Hmm bad genetics? Which bank to go to?

    I recently had a grow...being an intermediate. I really noticed the difference between two different seed banks. I noticed at harvest one was tighter and smelled better than the second. I don't know if it was because the temp went up to 85 degrees or not. Do you get what you pay for? Are the...
  4. F

    Just Entered 6th week of flower & noticed "Bananas". Possible Hermies!

    .Hi all, thanks foremost for reading. I've just entered the 6th week of flower and noticed these bananas. Done my research & I'm stuck on what to do next. I have 2 compartments and I've took it out of the main one and put it into the smaller one, just incase it does fuck up my other plants...
  5. 1

    Twisted leaves

    Hello! I have a 27 days old autoflowering northern lights (my first grow) and the new leaves are twisted. Lights are : 4 x 23w cfl and 2 x 30w led . temps are betwin 25-27 C. Also i noticed that the newest node has only 1 branch.
  6. nobodyhere

    Did I FIM correctly?

    before after plant 1 after plant 2 also noticed a couple gnats...is mosquito bits safe?
  7. C

    What is wrong with this picture?

    Overall, plant looks very healthy. Top leaf got one single blotch ofter water with nutrients first time, then noticed a few days later that the bottom leaves were like this.
  8. L

    Ph too high? Please help

    Ok guys and gals this is my second grow and i think im having some ph problems. I am growing white widow and purple kush in a 50/50 mix of verma fire and verma soil. So the 2 days ago i noticed the leaves looked leathery and started twisting. Yesterday i went and got a ph tester and...
  9. D

    Any clue what my issue is? Pic

    These were all growing great until a recent watering, then it started to go downhill pretty fast for half of my plants. I've done a lot of searching and my only guess is that maybe my pH was way off when I watered that time (My meter batteries died and I just winged it for awhile). I also...
  10. R

    Bubblelicious Autoflower not looking too well

    Hello everyone I'm a new grower and so far my autoflowers have been doing really well I did however notice the last couple days with the temperature changing in my area my leaves started to turn yellow and wilt over. My top soil was a little bit dry so I added some water and noticed that it...
  11. Gazoo

    Ballast Electricity & Light Cords Should Not Be Coiled

    Was bored and decided to read the EYE HORTILUX Catalog Vol.2 and noticed something I never noticed before. The catalog pg 15 under Lighting Maintenance it states "Inspecting the Cord Check all cords and make sure they are NOT coiled. A coiled cord reduces the power coming from your...
  12. S

    I need some help!

    I just transplanted my plant into a 5 gallon bucket, and as i was doing it i noticed i ran out of soil so i had to mix some other soil in with my main soil which is fox farms idk the other brand of soil but it didnt seem to bad, FIRST QUeSTION! Do you all think that it will be okay? SECOND...
  13. R

    Is this a caterpillar?

    Hello all, newbie here. I'm growing two plants, and the last couple of days I noticed on one plant that there were many leaves that are only half leaves now, plus a round hole or two in the leaves. Then I noticed an inch long "thing" underneath & right in the middle of a big leaf on the affected...
  14. P

    Deficient or just too much?

    Can i get some advice from tou seasone d geowers? My plants are in day 20 of flower and about 5days ago i noticed yellowing of leaves. I thought it may be a mag. def. But not sure i am giving them cal mag in my tea a soft amoubt. Thanks in advance.
  15. TheBlaze

    Tolerance level

    I've only been smoking daily for about 3 years now. I've noticed my tolerance level doesn't increase progressively as you would expect. Instead, my tolerance will stay the same for a long time and then will suddenly increase by quite a bit. For instance, For the last year 2 bong rips would have...
  16. G

    Cannalope Kush

    I live in Illinois and the dispensary Pharma Cannis & wellness they just opened last week and so far I have tried a few different strains and the CANNALOPE KUSH (PARENTS CANNALOPE HAZE & OG #18) It is a sativa dominant hybrid. I have noticed pain reduction in my back and knees and notice a...