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  1. D

    Changing notifications.

    I cannot seem to stop the email notifications. I tried the setting under General Settings: Default Thread Subscription Mode: But I still get lotsa emails of postings to the threads I've subscribed. Help???
  2. J

    How do you stop notifications?

    I would like to stop receiving notifications from 420mag. I have tried Settings/General setting/ and turning off everything I could find, but still waking up to dozens of notifications. Does anyone know how to turn them all off? Also, is there a way to close an account completely? It does...
  3. Cannabs

    How do I delete the notification to email?

    every time in my thread i get notifications to my email.. how i cancel it?
  4. HashGirl

    Subscription Not Showing

    Good evening. I'm subscribed to Sweet Sue's Cannabis Oil Study Hall but I always have to access it through my User notifications as it doesn't show up in my Subscription List. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?