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  1. taker her by force!

    taker her by force!

    it's about power...
  2. M

    Hullo - Introducing meself as monTigre

    So, hi all. I'm Canadian, a user of the bud, and looking forward to, (what appears now to be a delayed date for), legalization. I used to enjoy a good smoke, in a cigarette, cigar or pipe. But I quit tobacco in the late '90s as I was developing a nasty cough. I admit to missing that rush of...
  3. Mayne

    PreFlowers In Veg

    Hey people, 90 day veg right now, and getting preflowers under 16/8. Does that mean i have to flip? I would rather not, because I just transplanted into 10gallonfabic pot today, in straight cocoloco. I also wanted to top again, because wasnt planning on Flipping for another 3-4 weeks...
  4. M

    Didn't think I would but need advice

    I really wish that I documented this grow but this NL appeared to be the weakest of three so I left it by the window, it wilted two times and was a seedling for a month before I started to care for it. Now it seems that it is about to yield more than the two previous together.. :) I have been...
  5. N

    27"x27"x64" LED Lights?

    Anyone have any advice on what wattage I should stay around? The grow tent is on its way and I'm deciding on a light to use. I really only plan to have 2-3 plants. Right now I'm looking at one 600w LED Fixture, would that be enough or daisy chain two 600w. Thanks!
  6. TerpKing

    TerpKing - Kosher Kush - Reserva Privada - Coco - Smart Pots - SCROG - MH/HPS

    Hello and welcome to my new grow journal. Grow information: Strain - Kosher Kush - Reserva Privada Genetics - Feminized seeds Number of Plants - 12 seeds germinated Grow Type - Coco Coir Grow Stage - Seedling stage. Setup - Rapid Rooters / Smart Pots Light - T5 8x 54w bulb fixture for now. 2x...
  7. 97jeep

    Jeep's Indoor Garden - Ocean Grown Genetics

    Sup everyone, new to 420mag but been on GC for awhile, making the switch over. Lots of updates to come when i return home but it may be slow here for the next month. I'v been a grower for over 10 years now but still learning everyday. feel free to post your thoughts and advise as i document my...
  8. N

    Auto issue on first ever grow

    My first grow, and it is.... interesting. I am growing 3 autos, 2 Tangerine Dreams and 1 Blueberry. The 2 TDs have had some weird growth, especially TD1 now in flower, but they are both producing bud, even with a weird mutation on one. The issue I am having is on the Blueberry. I'm on day...
  9. magsteria

    Looking for a mentor who can monitor the grow with me?

    Hi Guys!!! OMG!!!! I typed a very detailed almost 8 paragraph back-story as I would be requesting a huge thing from you guys and my system refreshed!! (I'm typing this while at work). There was something about me and life and realization including my parents and whatnot. Anyway...
  10. Spec420

    Growing Shed - Planning Stages - Looking For Advice

    Hello my 420Magazine friends! So legal growing, yeah this is new to me. I grew outdoor in NorCal for many, many years and now am changing up to indoor. I have a couple of tents in my garage going now if you want to check my journal in my sig and am learning a lot about indoor growing...
  11. PaintMeGreen

    A big hello from Argentina! Finally growing for the first time, could use some advice

    Hello 420 family! Greetings and a many thank you's for all the awesome things I've had the pleasure of seeing posted here, now I finally decided to sign up for the forum and start posting since, well, I even got my own plants now! Would really appreciate any kind of tip, encouragement or advise...
  12. A

    Indica help please

    I know this prob isn't the proper place to ask this but any help is appreciated. Im needing to know of an high THC strain that will put me out! I've been having a heck of a time slowing my mind down and relaxing/sleeping for a while now and am now wondering what strain (indica maybe?) do you all...
  13. F

    Lemon Haze grow - What now?

    Here are pics of my grow of lemon haze. What do I do now? Just let it finish budding? Crop it?
  14. I

    DWC root rot?

    Hi there, May you helps me to know if there is a root rot or not ? This White Widow has near 8 weeks now and I want to know if I can switch to flowering now ? Do we need to do some specials tricks with the feed when transiting to flow ? Current chamber temp : 17 C Current water temp...
  15. Niwashi

    Niwashi's First Grow

    Hello 420 Magazine Forums! Long time smoker first time grower. I have wanted to run a grow forever, but never felt the time was right. All of that changed when I was home for Xmas in a rec state and got a great bag from a friend that had one nug loaded with seeds. I hung onto the seeds for...
  16. E

    My First DWC

    Hello friends I will attempt to lay out my progress up until this point....im on aprx day 20 in the dwc( 3 plants)but maybe a week of that i was using a measly 7w light with a 16 gal resevoir. I run a small air pump and 5inch airstone . I am now almost fully prepared with a 2x2x4 tent and...
  17. G

    Newbie from the north

    Hello from north of the border where our laws are slowly changing in the right direction ( at least where pot is concerned ). I have been waiting for this for a long time as I have been paying for it...for a long time. Now with the changes that are coming I am planning ahead. Which brings me...
  18. Ron Strider

    The Cops And Politicians Joining Canada's Cannabis Business

    As Canada moves towards legalizing recreational cannabis, there's a surprising group of entrepreneurs jumping into the market: cops and politicians. In 2015, former Toronto police chief Julian Fantino was "completely opposed" to marijuana legalization and supported mandatory jail time for...
  19. dynamo1

    Cannot download photos

    I requested a photo that would not load properly be removed, now I am unable to download any photos, please help
  20. Lucifer86

    The Chicken Coup, Rooster's Farm Affiliate, DWC Bucket Grow

    Haopy Holidays everyone....im finaly taking the time to start up my new grow journal, Former GC forum user here.i utilize my spare bathroom in my shower to obtain a 4ft by 2ft bloom space at 4ft high. And veg space on bottom at 3 ft high. Im only a year in and am begining to discover the...
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