1. C

    1st time grower

    Hey Guys, Im growing my 1st plant and everything seemed to be going well up until a few days ago. She has some white spots growing on the leaves and some are dying at the bottom of the plant. Im using flora combo for nutrients and the PH is between 5.5 and 6.5 Attached photos below thanks
  2. Zayah

    Nube seeking advice for her seedlings

    Hi, I answer to the name Zayah and I'm a total nube when it comes to the cultivation of marijuana. I'm a BIG fan of the plant always have been, which is why this experience is a must have in my lifetime. I have a bunch of seeds that could be either male or female that came from different bags of...
  3. S


    Wish me luck.
  4. M

    Help setting up grow tent! Few questions

    Hello! Im setting up my new grow tent here soon with my buddy and we're new to this but, we did some an amount of research and I just have a few questions about my grow set up I have in mind and would like to hear your thoughts...
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