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  1. Far East Buds

    To Sweeten or Not to Sweeten!

    I am a 4 year rookie at growing and have been on here for some time. (i skipped a couple years in here somewhere) I have a question I was hoping some vet's would chime in. I grow perpetual and have no issue with most of my yields. But in search of more dense nugs I thought I would increase my...
  2. K

    OR: Hemp Harvest Underway East Of Sisters

    The folks who are waiting for the noise to die down from the agricultural fans fighting off frost on 30 acres of industrial hemp east of Sisters will have to wait a bit for quiet nights. Matt Cyrus told The Nugget last week that the harvest on a couple of parcels in the Cloverdale Road area...
  3. sidpena

    Got Bud? Wallpaper

    I don't know who made this originally, it was sent to me in an email. If the original artist would contact me I'd be happy to credit you for your work or remove image completely. This is obviously a take on the famous Got Milk advertising campaign. If I had to guess at the strain I'd say...
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