1. B6D5CC7F-FBE5-4A2C-860E-062730377820.jpeg


    Dense hard frosty nugs. This plant was my favourite surprise in my grow this round. I loved her!
  2. F5140BD2-1D0C-4A5B-91D8-CC52702FF117.jpeg


    Frosty Blue Cookies Nug
  3. Bubbaman

    My harvested AK47 plants

    Harvested , dried , and curing. Harvested just over 4 ounces. This is the final product. Sorry for bad pictures my camera has seen better days strain is ak47. How’s it look
  4. Transkei Origin Nug

    Transkei Origin Nug

    An individual nug from the Transkei haul, rough trimmed
  5. Transkei Origin Sativa Nuggets

    Transkei Origin Sativa Nuggets

    A selection of early cure nugs from my Transkei lady.
  6. R

    Buds on leaf stems?

    Hi im a novice grower but i tried simple low strain training on one of my plants when was near budding just give it a go and it amazing but have noticed some of my big fan leaves have either a nug or start of a nug is this normal ? I cant find anything online so was wondering if anyone else had...
  7. B5E11808-A631-4605-A397-96C663FF6409.jpeg


    Fat nugs
  8. 420mag jordans kush.jpg

    420mag jordans kush.jpg

    Jordan of the Island Genetics, Jordans Kush
  9. 20170607_174203.jpg


    Auto flower
  10. 20180716_145406.jpg


    Spider bug top view
  11. 20180716_145451.jpg


    Spider nug
  12. F

    Hey I need help

    I'm a newbie at this it's my first time growing a plant and the nugs aren't that big were did I go wrong
  13. K

    Quality Nugs?

    Hi guys! New to this forum but have been a smoker for nearly a year. I first sparked up after losing my father to cancer and have been blazed ever since. (Dad was a major stoner in his day!) Anyway I have been getting some absolute wank weed from the streets, tiny nugs and dry as fuck! It...
  14. 420

    420 Magazine Staff Submitted Creme De Le Creme Photos

    This is where our 420 Staff will post their best Nugs & Plants photography. Let the show begin! :cheer2: :pop2:
  15. S

    Why do buds lose density upon chopping?

    In the past, every time i've grown I will grow out some rockhard yummy nugs, yet within 24 hours of chop the whole bud is droopy and not concrete hard like it was prechop. I assume this has to do with the bud "wilting" and losing moisture and a good dry/cure is what get's this to return? Please...
  16. V

    Leafy larfy buds early harvest

    Hey 420 smoke up! So I had a reveg issue while flowering, (I won't go into, but knocked the light timer and put my ladies back into veg for about 2 weeks) and just a few minutes ago I chopped out all the fluff nugs that had started growing, along with the revegged tops that started growing...
  17. Cola Monster

    2015 Nugs Of The Month

    [video] :circle-of-love::Namaste:
  18. jandre2k3

    Jandre2k3s - Strain Info Only OG Bubba Kush - Veg Cycle For Cloning

    OG BUBBA KUSH OG Kush x Bubba Kush Type: Indica Dominant Hybrid Flowering Time Indoor: 58 - 72 days (~65 days) Yield / Quantity Indoor: The crop of this strain is slightly below average. General Impression Indoor: is all together a quite good strain...
  19. S

    Completed Grow Journal for 2014 - 2015

    strain=afghan special kush,sage&sour,amnesia haze,critical super silver haze. afghan special kush-100%indica the rest multi strain...
  20. C

    Drool - Nugs! Nugs! & More Nugs!

    Here are some pics that I like better then others throughout my "grow career".... Thought i'd share with my fellow Nug-Lovers! Hope this finds you stoned and in good spirits!!! CHEERS MATE!!! :420:
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