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nute burn

  1. ReefKief

    My plant is having major issues, what can I do?

    Hello everyone! It's my first time growing and things went bad really quickly for my plant. I'm just wondering if she can still recover or if I should start from scratch. My plant has had some weird problems since the day it sprouted. The first few sets of leaves were all deformed and weird...
  2. Purple Haze at end of week 6 of flower (possible nute burn at 2-3 weeks of flower)

    Purple Haze at end of week 6 of flower (possible nute burn at 2-3 weeks of flower)

  3. Purple Haze - nute burn remnants

    Purple Haze - nute burn remnants

  4. B

    Help Me Please

    Week 5 of flower in organic soil using build a soil schedule to a ti. pH of soil is 6.5 Temp 75 on 72 off Rh 50
  5. staynew49

    My plants hate nutrients! Why?

    So the pH is always good. I did start with good soil but I have only given Nutrients twice and they got Nute Burn both times them seem to be more healthy with no nutrients. I have not been giving any except two time onces when they had 5 sets of leaves and once two weeks ago both times got...
  6. staynew49

    About To Start Flowering 7, First Time

    I have 7 ladies starting flowering today at 7 pm and 6 more ready to flower in a couple of weeks it is all for personal use. Aren't they beautiful, I'm so excited to finally be starting the Flowering. One thing that is amazing is that I have only used nutrients , 2 times in the whole 6 weeks...
  7. S

    Can anyone tell me what this may be?

    Hi everyone, this is my 3rd time growing (2nd time for autos). The 5 autoflower plants are called Expert Gorilla. They are between 4-5 weeks. And for the soil I used pro mix - hp mycorrhizae with about 30% destiny organics - dark matter My day temp is usually between 76-81 and night is 70-75...
  8. L

    First Grow Help! Nutrient Burn, Deficiencies?

    Hey All! first time grower here. strain: was told “cookies” by my brother. (Seeds were free so didn’t fuss) Watering ph: 6.3-6.4 Runoff ph: 6.7ish Soil: coco with perlite Nutes: 3ml calmag, 8ml FF Buds&Blooms, 40ml FF big bloom with 3/4 gal water. Water Ph’d with Apple cider vinegar/baking...
  9. B

    Pretty sure it’s nutrient burn?

    Wassup guys I’m new to this page but i was wondering if any one can help me out. This is my first ever grow and my seedlings are about 13 days old. They have yellow tips on their leaves I’m pretty sure it nutrient burn. But how can i fix it I’m using dr. Earth dry amendments in coco I’ve seen...
  10. B

    Reviving a badly burned girl

    So this is my first grow (auto Daiquiri Lime) and I ’m growing in coco and adding biobizz. I’m about 8 weeks in and thought my plant was quite small so thought I’d up the nutes a little to see if that would help boost her - bad idea!! I burned her quite bad. Anyway, pretty sure she has stunted...
  11. elunex

    Unusual Mobile Chlorosis & Crisping

    Got some girls in week 3 of flower now showing dangerous signs of a mobile issue. It's starting with the lower branches first and moving upwards. Here's some information prior to the occurrence: June 18: Plants are all healthy, no signs of any issues - last feed on the 17th with BioBizz...
  12. Kvarrasso28

    Please help! My leaf tips are burnt!

    So recently I’ve been having a issue with a few of my plants recently and from forums and different post I think I know what it is but I can’t seem to fix it ! So here’s the basics: Random seed/ 11 weeks Outdoor/ full sun 12 hrs 7 gallon fabric pots with Fox Farms Ocean Forest soil . Fox Farm...
  13. Cannygrow

    Is this nute burn? FFOF soil

    Hey guys true newbie first grow ever using 3gl smart pots in ffof strain is critical purple from growers choice seed, light is a 300w viparspectra in a 24x48 Vivosun growtent. I am looking for some help my seedling are at day 4 and I am not sure if they are exhibiting nite burn I keep hearing...
  14. 20180608_070400.jpg


  15. G

    I’ve faced some problems early

    Hi it’s my first time growing and in the second week of growing I made the genius mistake of giving it nutes. I gave my plants 0,5ml/l of bio grow from bio bizz, and 3 days after the plant was getting burned. Purple Bud auto white label 75% indica 1plant Seedling Indoor Soil Solo cup Only soil...
  16. L

    Seedling issues - Nutraburn

    What's up everyone! Im new here so im still finding my way around. I ran into a little nutraburn issue on one of my plants that has a history of issues, I was wondering what are the odds of the plant being a female if, the plant has stunted during its seedling stage for a month and a half...
  17. B

    Nute Burn?

    It's my first grow and seem like i got some problems here I start my grow with these two Durban Passion from Dutch Passion Media: Growing Soil with natural mixture (I don't know the mixture but the seller said it's good. ps.I grow it in Thailand so i don't know how to call it) Light: 4x...
  18. J

    Help! Unsure what's wrong with plant

    Hello! I'm growing my first plant, and something's started to go wrong with it in the last few days. The larger leaves have gotten brown stripes between the veins, and they've curled inward and down (photos below). I grow it in soil in natural light. I've been doing tons of research...
  19. t burn

    Tangelo rapido problems - Please help!

    first time grower, having some issues with my tangelo rapido autoflower from barneys farm. was previously really healthy but is showing some severe yellow tips. this isnt happening from the bottom leaves upwards so it doesnt reallly feel like nitrogen deficiency. shes in enriched soil and i feed...
  20. G

    Plants are dying - Need help diagnosing and treating!

    Hi guys, I have noticed some of the big fan leaves on 3 of my plants are turning yellow and look as if they are beginning to die. The colour of the plants in general has also faded to a lighter, pale green colour over the past week. I am fairly certain that this is a nitrogen deficiency, but I...
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