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nute burn

  1. B

    Reviving a badly burned girl

    So this is my first grow (auto Daiquiri Lime) and I ’m growing in coco and adding biobizz. I’m about 8 weeks in and thought my plant was quite small so thought I’d up the nutes a little to see if that would help boost her - bad idea!! I burned her quite bad. Anyway, pretty sure she has stunted...
  2. elunex

    Unusual Mobile Chlorosis & Crisping

    Got some girls in week 3 of flower now showing dangerous signs of a mobile issue. It's starting with the lower branches first and moving upwards. Here's some information prior to the occurrence: June 18: Plants are all healthy, no signs of any issues - last feed on the 17th with BioBizz...
  3. Kvarrasso28

    Please help! My leaf tips are burnt!

    So recently I’ve been having a issue with a few of my plants recently and from forums and different post I think I know what it is but I can’t seem to fix it ! So here’s the basics: Random seed/ 11 weeks Outdoor/ full sun 12 hrs 7 gallon fabric pots with Fox Farms Ocean Forest soil . Fox Farm...
  4. Cannygrow

    Is this nute burn? FFOF soil

    Hey guys true newbie first grow ever using 3gl smart pots in ffof strain is critical purple from growers choice seed, light is a 300w viparspectra in a 24x48 Vivosun growtent. I am looking for some help my seedling are at day 4 and I am not sure if they are exhibiting nite burn I keep hearing...
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  6. G

    I’ve faced some problems early

    Hi it’s my first time growing and in the second week of growing I made the genius mistake of giving it nutes. I gave my plants 0,5ml/l of bio grow from bio bizz, and 3 days after the plant was getting burned. Purple Bud auto white label 75% indica 1plant Seedling Indoor Soil Solo cup Only soil...
  7. L

    Seedling issues - Nutraburn

    What's up everyone! Im new here so im still finding my way around. I ran into a little nutraburn issue on one of my plants that has a history of issues, I was wondering what are the odds of the plant being a female if, the plant has stunted during its seedling stage for a month and a half...
  8. B

    Nute Burn?

    It's my first grow and seem like i got some problems here I start my grow with these two Durban Passion from Dutch Passion Media: Growing Soil with natural mixture (I don't know the mixture but the seller said it's good. ps.I grow it in Thailand so i don't know how to call it) Light: 4x...
  9. J

    Help! Unsure what's wrong with plant

    Hello! I'm growing my first plant, and something's started to go wrong with it in the last few days. The larger leaves have gotten brown stripes between the veins, and they've curled inward and down (photos below). I grow it in soil in natural light. I've been doing tons of research...
  10. t burn

    Tangelo rapido problems - Please help!

    first time grower, having some issues with my tangelo rapido autoflower from barneys farm. was previously really healthy but is showing some severe yellow tips. this isnt happening from the bottom leaves upwards so it doesnt reallly feel like nitrogen deficiency. shes in enriched soil and i feed...
  11. G

    Plants are dying - Need help diagnosing and treating!

    Hi guys, I have noticed some of the big fan leaves on 3 of my plants are turning yellow and look as if they are beginning to die. The colour of the plants in general has also faded to a lighter, pale green colour over the past week. I am fairly certain that this is a nitrogen deficiency, but I...
  12. G

    Nute Burn?

    We fertilized last night with double the amount we used last time and this is what our plants look like this afternoon. Nute burn? We are growing outdoor in soil using regular water. We watered heavily once we saw the leaves like this. Any advise would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  13. S

    Heat stress or nute burn maybe?

    2 Blueberry CKS growing atm. They have been great and shown no signs of problems until 2 days ago, one of the plants leaf tips started to curl. The part of the leaf between the veins on this set of leaves also looks slightly lighter colored over the rest of the plant/plants a day before this...
  14. D

    What the Heck? My flowerings gone yelllo-co!

    Hi ya'll. I've have a Black Indica clone that was doing well before my efforts to eradicate some spider mite buildup I caught in the nick of time. I used organic methods first, then stupidly Acetamiprid: "a mould/fungus/mite killer/cancer causer" killer. I've laid off any such treatments...
  15. Y

    Nute Burn problems! Help!

    I'm a new grower, growing under a 250W cfl in coco coir medium and a 160x80x80 grow tent. Plant is around 3 1/2 weeks old and has been going great until I noticed, what I have diagnosed as nute burn, a couple of days ago. I have flushed the crap out of it as advised, but unsure where to go from...
  16. G

    Flowering with issues

    Hello everyone, just a kwik question about one of my baby girls. I have two under 400 W high-pressure sodium and one looks good and one looks terrible, I've got a small srcog system I'm trying out ( for the first time if you couldn't tell LOL ). But I thought maybe I was scorching the plant with...
  17. Trip420

    Yellowing/Brownish Sick Plant

    Hello everyone this is my first grow with a proper room just not sure on how to feed plants nutes so i went with the lazy way that might bite me in the behind when it comes to harvest. So i bought PRO-MIX potting soil with micro nutes in the soil that feed my plants and planted my Black Indica's...
  18. L

    How to handle nitrogen toxicity in hot soil

    Hi All, Day 17V Pineapple Chunk I've got a bit of a nitrogen toxicity problem that started when I left for the long weekend and decided to give my plant a bit more water than normal. For the record I'm growing in Miracle grow moisture control (a mistake) with 25% perlite and this particular...
  19. H

    Blue Mystic and Full Moon - Please help

    hi first post very nervous. also im dyslexic so i apologies in advance for that as well. In summary: third grow seeds- blue mystic and full moon non feminized despite the fact all seven seem to be females. Room- new grow room 47 long 35 wide and 51 height in the front 31 weight in the back...
  20. K

    Nute Burn In Seedlings

    So I have 5 seedlings in some MG garden soil. I was wondering what I should look for to indentify nute burn. Will the seedlings leaves burn like fan leaves?
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