nute lockout

  1. C

    Poorly Plants - yellowing curly top leaves, lower leaves dropping off

    I've encountered a problem with my girls just coming into week 4 of flowering. Growing 5 autoflower Girl Scout Cookies in a BudBox Pro tent with 600W LED light and growing in coco coir with 30% perlite mix. One of the plants started showing yellowing and curling tips on the top fan leaves and...
  2. MrGritz

    Leaves curling up and turning yellow & brown: might be dying

    Thank you ahead of time to anyone who takes time out of their day to help me out! So I’m in what appears to be a somewhat dire situation with my single purple thai plant. Up until now, things have been going pretty smoothly and consistently. Maybe a bit slow growing, but it’s a strain with a...
  3. L

    What to do after flush? Nitrogen deficiency

    Strain: Royal Dwarf Auto Ph Water: 6.5 Nutrients: 2ml/L Biobizz Grow, 1.5ml/L Bloom, 0.7ml/L CalMag Soil: Biobizz Light mix Pots: Fabric Pots 7L One is 5 weeks old and the other one 6 weeks. Hi, Ive been battling what I suppose is a nitrogen deficiency for a couple of weeks now. In the...
  4. Camer41

    Brown spots getting worse

    Hello all. Trainwreck Auto. 6 and a half weeks old since popping Using 1000w equivalent led about 30 inches away in a grow tent ProMix HP medium. Feeding Green Planet organic on their recommended feeding sced. Used less food than says to. Very small auto that flowered after 3 weeks...
  5. M

    Flowering stage: leaf diagnosing

    So my first grow is finally coming to an end. I'm on my 6th week of flowering and having some issues with my leaves but I can't decide if it's a ph problem or a problem concerning too many or not enough phosphorous. Maybe someone with more experience and has seen it before will enlighten me.
  6. oooyyy3

    Newbie blues - My baby is dying?

    This is my 7 weeks old baby, got stunted from root bound when she was little, after transplant to her final 5 gallon home, this happened immediately. Pics below are from day 1-3, shit when down FAST. Always keep my pH between 6.1-6.8, can't find any thing online similar to this. Feel like she is...
  7. Kaiser Wilhelm

    Deficiency Help With Kush 'n' Cookies Fem

    Hi all, I have a kush 'n' cookies in flower that has some nutrient deficiencies I can't quite figure out. This is my first grow in years and my first post here. Besides the perlite everything else is new to me (lights, nutes, strain). She is growing entirely in perlite, 5 gallon pot ~30 days...
  8. Trip420

    Yellowing/Brownish Sick Plant

    Hello everyone this is my first grow with a proper room just not sure on how to feed plants nutes so i went with the lazy way that might bite me in the behind when it comes to harvest. So i bought PRO-MIX potting soil with micro nutes in the soil that feed my plants and planted my Black Indica's...
  9. M

    Nute lockout or multiple deficiencies?

    Bear with me, I'm a noob, first time grower diving in head first in the deep end. I got two clones 8/31. OG kush and sour D. I am doing a closet grow, starting with a t5 fluorescent bulb and Fox farms ocean forest medium but just switched to a 150 Watt hps about two weeks ago. Everything was...
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