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  1. M

    Remediation of nute burn

    Hi 420 friends, First time grower here. I have a question regarding nute burn. I have symptoms on three of my babies where the leave tips first became yellow, then a little bit brown and then the tip also curled upwards. Equipment: Strain: Green Gelato Coco Coir: Biobizz Coco-mix + 30% perlite...
  2. johnnystackz

    Mixed Nutrients in the tank, how long?

    Wanted to get a rough estimate on how long a nutrient mix should last if I keep in a tank in a dark area? I know it will multiple microbes but wanted to see what everyone’s measure is, the ph in the tanks is sitting high at 6.9 but I’m going to add fresh water daily to taper it down. What’s...

    Here to learn

    I'm new to the site but been growing my own for a few years now. I'm here to learn more tips n tricks. Have a great day all and a big Thank you to 420 Magazine for my acceptance...
  4. F

    First Auto Grow!

    Hi people, I’m after some advise on my first auto grow. I’ve been out of the game in general a while so I’m abit rusty with it all atm again! Lol. I’m growing in canna coco professional plus, with gorilla glue autos. For the feeding of nutes I have canna a&b & Pk for the later stages. Do I need...
  5. B

    Patchy leaves?

    Hi can anyone tell me what’s wrong with my plant. I’m a first time grower so pretty new to this, I’ve done plenty research but I’m not sure what the problem is. So the plant looks fairly healthy, apart from a few patchy leaves, I’m not sure if it’s a nute deficiency or my ph? Any ideas? (edit...
  6. C

    Nutrient Deficiency/Lockout

    First time grow i will give as much info as possible and let me know if you need more im at a loss because everything was going so well. I am just about to flip to 12/12 but i would like to figure this out first. Info as follows: 5 white widow (almost all the issues except last pic) 5 green...
  7. Whitstone

    Is this nutrient burn?

    Setup is 450 LED light 5 Auto Seeds ( 4 Auto Speed Bud, 1 Amnisea ) One Fan Temp always in the 70f 4x2x5 grow tent I am just wondering as it my frist time are these nute burns or something else? The fan leafs look a bit off in colour and texture
  8. I

    Leaf droop - Watering - Nutes - Or root bound?

    Hi guys, just wondering if i could get a wee bit of advise regarding the state of one of my plants. Strain is called Easy Bud - its a mostly Indica Auto. about 5 weeks old now. Soil grow under 160W LED light, grown in a fridge. air intake and exhaust fans. Temps 27- 30C PH run off last...
  9. B

    Advanced nutrients in flowering

    I am in my third week of grow, Dutch Passion's Glueberry OG an Auto flower, the plant is showing pistils, I sprayed X-nutrients Bloom on the leaves and watered with Advanced Nutrients; Grow, Micro, Bloom, 4ml each along with B52 and Cal-Mag, ph'd 6.3, I plan to go to bloom in two weeks. Forums...
  10. D

    Need Help with Nute Deficiency - RO Water

    Environment Info Strain - AK-48 Number of Plants? 2 Growth Stage? Flower - week 1 How Long? 4 sets of nodes on 7/20/17 = 45 days Indoor or Outdoor? Indoor Grow Type - Hydro Reservoir Size - 35 gals capacity, 28 gals to refill to 1/2" below net pot Reservoir Temperature - 68 ±0 (Active Aqua...
  11. Freedom66

    Mars Pro Cree 256 LED - Outside to Inside - Plants Clawed - Nutes?

    Folks I'm in need of what I think is nute advice perhaps.... Have two girls that were growing outside and looking strong and beautiful. A couple of weeks before flowering I moved them inside and into a Mars Hydro 4'x4'x7' tent and using a new Mars Pro Cree 256 LED light. Had been saving and...
  12. S

    Tips of young plant are curling, don't think it's nute burn

    Picked up a clone last week from a local dispensary and it's growing well but the very tips of newer leaves are starting to curl at the very tip. I grow it outside during the day and inside at night, growing medium is currently just potting soil and I haven't added any fertilizer or anything...
  13. J

    nute burn or K deficiency

    i wanted to know if it is nute burn or potassium deficiency ive been feeding my plant a 12 12 36 solution
  14. O

    Nute burn, deficiency or transplant shock?

    So I transplanted 3 days ago into promix hp.i fertilized with general hydroponics flora series at their recommended dosage yesterday. My leaves aren't looking too great. Mostly bottom leaves. Does this look like transplant shock, nute burn or nute deficiency?
  15. Gardenseed

    Nute injections to stem with syringe?

    I performed this experiment on my 2nd grow. After the plants were into there 3rd week of flowering I was worried my 3L pots were to small. Having done allot of reading and research I determined that to have a great crop, everything pointed to the plant having access to water and nutes when it...
  16. O

    Need help! My girl is dying

    what can i do to save her. i'm first time grower it's look like burn after i added may be too much the nute @ 2 week flowering. i's looks really bad what can i do to save her please advice
  17. T

    Nute burn or deficiency?

    Hi guys - what\'s the verdict you reckon? Nute burn? Deficiency? This is my first auto grow, I have to admit. The tips of the large fan leaves are miscolored and some of the small new branch leaves\' tips look real crispy to me (you have to zoom in to see this). I planted the...
  18. CombatWombat

    Does this look like nute burn?

  19. N

    Nutrient burn - Help and tips please?

    how bad is the nute burn do i need to flush asap . also does it look fertilized coz brown haris are appearing as of week 3.5 into flower. any help appreciated
  20. G

    Nute Burn?

    We fertilized last night with double the amount we used last time and this is what our plants look like this afternoon. Nute burn? We are growing outdoor in soil using regular water. We watered heavily once we saw the leaves like this. Any advise would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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