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  1. Why Doe

    Need Organic Nute Suggestions

    Wanting to switch from my noob synthetic fox farm nutes and go organic. I have a lot of microbal products and have been told synthetic nutes will kill the beneficial bacteria? I need the base nutes grow-flower
  2. vyserage

    33 day old tips & spots - Nute burn?

    Hey everyone, this is coming from my thread over at: Vyserage's First Indoor Soil Grow - 2017 My issue is as the image shows below. I have had those spots/tips like that for atleast 2 weeks now. Its very slowly increasing and the other plants also appear to be doing the same at a...
  3. F

    1st grow - Kali Dog

    Hey guys 1st time grower here, been posting in the FAQ and now realised I should be here. This is my Kali Dog, I've been given some great help along the way and now need some more. I thought my lady had had her flowering stretch early but I think she's now in full stretch mode? I fed here...
  4. M

    150W CFL Grow

    At first I got off to a rocky start with this grow. They was in CoCo for 2 weeks with no nutes and straight tap water after I Germenated and on the verge of death lol 4 weeks later here I am. This is my 3rd grow but other than the lights it's a completely new setup. I built the box with scraps I...
  5. dieselskunk

    PH keeps going down no new nutes or water

    Ok I have a 20 gallon RDWC system with expanded clay for media using tap water. It has been running for 3 weeks. The original nutes were dyna-gro and hydroguard and my ppm was around 800 with tap water. About 1 week ago I flushed the system because the ph was 4.5 and I had nute lock out, pale...
  6. C

    Grow or Bloom nutes?

    My girl is about a month old and is still growing vertically she's a NL Auto. My question is when should I change to bloom nutes? I've heard to wait until vertical growth has stopped, is this correct?
  7. G

    Really stumped here - Virus? Microscopic pest

    I am so very confused by what I'm dealing with. Have done so much research trying to understand what's happening and anytime I find a thread with similar symptoms it's never solved and the op disappears or torches his garden. I have the following symptoms: Twisted growth Severe purpling...
  8. E

    ElDoctore's Self Watering Coco - Candy Kush AF - Pineapple Chunk PP - VIVA Sativa PP

    Hi there. So i have tried growing once in the past, results are great. Now i am going for my second run a year later. As always the law enforcement doesn't make our lives easier, but you do what you got to do to survive. I am posting to get a general feedback and any advise from people with...
  9. M

    Please help need advice

    Hello Fellow 420 warriors. I have a stealth grow, with 100w led, growing in soil, a NY Diesel Fem, LST trained, everything was fine, i switched to flowering like 6 days ago, on day 3-4 i decided to foliard feed, with a VERY tiny bit of P and micro nutes because i wanted the soil to dry out...
  10. F

    Outdoor Growers - When do you change nutes to bloom?

    Growing outdoors for my first time in Norcal, was wondering when I should change the nutes over away from the high N veg formula? I have a satvia that is already showing herself and beginning the probably 7th day of flower as of today and then I have a GDP that hasn't really started budding...
  11. G

    THC Biomed Clones - Opium & Atomical Haze

    Tent 2'x4'x6' Lights: Meizhi 278w led, 315W Ceramic Metal Halide, Gavita Pro DE 750w HPS Intake: 4" vortex with a Horti Control Shroom filter Exhaust: 6" vortex and 6" carbon filter Soil: Promix Organic Herb and Veggie mix Strains: Opium and Atomical Haze from THC Biomed, Temp:25-28C...
  12. N

    Help! Nitrogen Deficiency?

    Hey there everyone, these are feminized seeds of Easy-E. They were thriving for the longest while until the 4th week of Veg. The bottom leaves are turning yellow. Growth has been stunted. The Stems of the leaves are turning red. The leaves are also drooping. I thought it might be Nitrogen...
  13. L

    Is my girl too bushy?

    Hi, I'm growing my skunk #1 and feel she may be too bushy as the lower leaves aren't getting much light and due to this these leaves a thinner and smaller. Should I trim some fan leaves away? Has anyone done this and what are the effects? I'm using a cfl light 250 watt. She has just...
  14. Klaatu

    PH and PPM drop before using nutes

    I'm using FFOF soil in 3- 5 gal. buckets strain is Pure Power Plant sativa dom. R.O. water, GH flora Trio (yes I know they're hydro nutes but they CAN be used in soil) but after this grow, I'm switching to Fox Farm nutes. I also use Cal/Mag 1 tsp. per gal. and Hydroguard, as well as a little...
  15. M

    Twisting leaves and pH levels - Help

    One of my plants in a 100 gallon smartpot outdoor is showing some leaf twisting, and an extremely slight yellowing (it mean all but barely noticeable). I have been on a good feeding schedule with Sea Blast from Earth Juice. I just PH'ed my soil and my runoff: Soil is at 6.59 and runoff...
  16. B

    Thinking of using molasses in coco?

    Hello there fellow growers, I have a grow on atm and notice two plants over a two days that I couldn't make it to the site got badly burn on the tops of the main colas and some others with fan leave burn,I had a bad build up of nutes so I flushed them out with flora Kleen to get rid of the...
  17. T

    Root rot?

    HI All this is a bag seed i am testing my first hydro DWC grow on. I tried to delay the growth because my lights was arriving so late. The plant is 3 weeks old. I fed it some nutes last week for the first time, experienced some burn.. Then decided to flush, used distilled water with no...
  18. C

    Canna rhizotonic

    Hi peeps, Just wondering if I would be safe to give rhizotonic to me wee sprouts? I know you aren't supposed to give nutes for the first couple of weeks but I'm not sure about this. Thanks They are Northern Lights autos by the way.
  19. G

    Shelf life of H2O & nutrients

    Hi all, just wandering, I mix Fox Farms and Cal Mag in distilled water. I've had some mixed water left after some feedings, and I've wondered what the shelf life might be of the unused water. Would it be OK to use it, say ten days later along w/ a new batch of water and nutes. I say ten days...
  20. T

    Help coco coir orgabic nutes?

    Got few free things was wondering if i could use them together or what i need i have gold label coco coir Any help would be great having a hard time understanding how much of what i need when as far as npk etc any good reads would be appreciatedhttp://i.imgur.com/UMbEnYq.jpg Budswel 0-0.7-0-...
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