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nutreint deficency/uptake

  1. Calmag issues

    Calmag issues

  2. H

    Yellow blotches and yellow tips

    400 watt light-24/0 50-60% humidity Water once every three days NO NUTRIENTS Soil Medium I'm in week three, one of my plants has started to lean, and has developed strange blotches on the leaves, after I used some soil to prop up the plant, I checked the next day to find that the spots...
  3. D

    What deficiencies or burns are these? Photoperiod Indica Hybrid

    Hey all, been having some symptoms on my 4 month photoperiod indica hybrid, flowering for 1 month now, precisely. Have her on a big pot, 60 litres around that. Soil: She has a mix of kilomix, new mixed with some of it already used but has good soil conditions. Ph'D water: around 6.0-6.5...
  4. M

    Please help - My seedling's leaves are turning yellow and falling off

    Dear friends, Although i am new to this forum i have been lurking around for many months now, and i love it( lots of great info and great community) This is my first grow and i am having major problems with my seedlings. They have stopped growing or are growing very very slow. ( Leafs...
  5. ISEARCH56

    ISearch56 is Learning with Bag Seeds on the First Grow 2013

    First grow, not sure if my ladies are doing well? I just gave them their first feeding of Jungle Juice Micro, Grow and Bloom. I'm concerned about the discoloration on some of the leaves.Looking for some advise and guidence please. And thank you! I think i messed up!! I put the...
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