nutri+ fertilizer

  1. OGeMann

    It Stinks

    What is this good for?? and is it safe to add to flower stage White Widow autos soil mix: FFOF/20% coco
  2. E

    Best nutrients paired with Cal-Mag for RO water

    I recently started my first cannabis grow. I'll try to keep it short and simple. I'm using RO water along with cal mag plus resulting at 110 ppm. Fox farm ocean forest soil. Water ph 6.4. My two clones (purple Punch&Green Crack) have began LST (no top/fim) after transplant a week ago are...
  3. 1527421317521917014865968243133.jpg


    New Addictives plus full canna nutrients
  4. E

    New grower Can someone help me identified what the problem ?

    My plant are at their 6st week of flowering and its been a week since those kind of deficency appere what can i do? I been using miracle grow for soil and fox farm for nutriments feeding them twice a week . And my last plant what just star flowering turn...
  5. M

    Need a Review of Density by Green Magic Nutrients

    I visit a number of grow supply stores in the area for a few reasons and came across the product. has anyone used it? The owner and a few people there said they get a 70% increase in production.
  6. WizHigh

    The most important time before high time GROWING!!!

    I'm fairly new to the farming, and have a lot of questions but first I have a flower that's about a week old. Its very green and healthy. I started it outside ad only used rain to water and its been working very well. I feel like it time for ferts. I moved to a 12inch pot I am wondering how to...
  7. E

    Nutri+ Fertilizer vs Advanced Nutrients

    I don't know if anyone can help me out with this.......I went to the Hydro show in the LBC. (very cool BTW) Anyways, i got a lot of samples, but i did receive a pretty generous box with the entire Nutri+ line. The guys there told me it was similar to Advanced Nutrients but "better and much less...
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