1. OMGReptar

    Purple branches? What to do?

    So I’ve been in Happy Frog soil from the start. I have never given my plants any nutrients yet. I’m on day 19. I just transplanted them into 1 gallon pots, so that means a whole new batch of Happy Frog soil. I’ve heard that the purple color means a deficiency, but should I be feeding my plants...
  2. D

    Food for in ground plants

    Hi there, I was thinking that I would start growing outdoor, but it came to my mind that it will not be the same as growing under a lamp. I was wondering if you could recommend some food for these plants. I was thinking about some slow-release options because I could not make it there every...
  3. J

    First Time Growing Yellow leaves

    Hi, this is my first time grow I use led by mars hydro Flowers had tough life since they started first few week without light only on sunlight and after that Im struggling with temp its around 25 up to 31/32 so cause of heat I blame they are small. But few weeks before I had a lot of yellowing...
  4. B

    Where's my flowers?

    Hi, It's a 6day of flowering.. In veg moge it was 12/3,5/1,5/3,5 fotoperiod. 6 day ago i switch to 11,5/12,5.. after 5 days nothink.. yesterday i switch to 11/13 my box is 60cm x 60cm (about 2 feets). led light mars hydro reflector 196 + 4x 25cfl 2700k. nutriens canna terra...
  5. M

    new to 420 mag in search of answers

    Hey, hows it goin. I'm new here to 420 magazine. seasoned in growing and specialized in overlooking mistakes or simple tasks brings a problem. there are 6 plants in a controlled environment. all 6 underwent a lack of water phase due to the caretaker not paying attention. with a water PH level...
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