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nutrient deficiency

  1. Tayyar

    Drooping leaves, and it's probably not overwatering

    Hey 420 family. I'm back with my fourth grow, and I'm encountering some issues I'm trying to figure out. Here are the facts: Strain: OG Kush feminized Light: 240W LM301H Medium: Coco with 50% perlite in a 28 liter (6 gallon) air bucket Method of growing: Manifolding to 12 branches Time in veg...
  2. H

    Seedling leaf tip discoloration and dying leaves

    Hi Everyone! Can you please tell me what is this discoloration on my seedling? The seedling is 34 days old counted from planting.There were two more nodes under these current nodes,but they got crackling dry and then dropped off. Also the tip of the bigger leaves on one side is turning...
  3. 343B22DF-2F5D-4C13-9906-2B19DE1FE3E2.gif


    Nutrient Deficiency guide.
  4. N

    Rust color spots on older fan leaves

    Hi guys. I have a problem with my two week old seedling. It’s a Tangie Matic autoflower seed. My grow medium is as follows 7.5l compost 7.5l coco peat 4l perlite and 2l vermiculite and 1 handful of bone meal. After the 3rd day that she popped out the soil, I noticed that she had brown rust...
  5. E

    Zinc lockout high pH

    I have what i believe is a zinc deficiency. I am using general hydroponics flora series gro, bloom, and micro in a recirculating drip system in hydroton. All environmental conditions are somewhat optimal, and pH ranges from 6 to 6.4 but runs up over night to maybe 6.8 at most - (as i believe the...
  6. H

    Yellowing Leaves

    I have a few plants with yellowing/discolored leaves, and I'm trying to find the cause of this issue! One plant is a variety known as "Holodeck Jesus" from Cannabeizein seeds. Here's the link to information on it: HOLODECK JESUS. The node structure for this plant has been off since it sprouted...
  7. M

    Overwatering/underwatering problem?

    So I'm new to growing and I'm running into some problems and can't decide if I'm watering too much or not enough. Or maybe it's something else. I have read so much about both and have adjusted my watering both ways but still can't decide what it is. My soil ph is just below 7.0, I definitely...
  8. O

    Yellowing crispy leafs

    Wondering if anyone can help with how my plants are looking and what I can do for them to get them back on track, they are outdoor it's hot as fudge outside I do have them in the shade there is some points of the day it get a little sun and I am going to be putting up shade cloth today. Some...
  9. Kaiser Wilhelm

    Deficiency Help With Kush 'n' Cookies Fem

    Hi all, I have a kush 'n' cookies in flower that has some nutrient deficiencies I can't quite figure out. This is my first grow in years and my first post here. Besides the perlite everything else is new to me (lights, nutes, strain). She is growing entirely in perlite, 5 gallon pot ~30 days...
  10. Apparent Nutrient Deficiency Continues

    Apparent Nutrient Deficiency Continues

    After flushing a couple of times, mysterious nutrient deficiency continues.
  11. t burn

    Tangelo rapido problems - Please help!

    first time grower, having some issues with my tangelo rapido autoflower from barneys farm. was previously really healthy but is showing some severe yellow tips. this isnt happening from the bottom leaves upwards so it doesnt reallly feel like nitrogen deficiency. shes in enriched soil and i feed...
  12. R

    Help! Whitening of leaves overnight

    First time caretaker grower, & I'm in the 5th week of vegetation. I've had many, many issues with PH balance which has stunted the growth. FYI - aeroponic system 20 gallon soilless 15 min on / 15 min off water pumping into root system 18 hrs flourescent lighting 6 hours darkness good...
  13. F

    What's wrong with these leaves?

    Hi It's my first time grow and I have made quite a few mistakes, 6 plants in 1 pot being the first. Then they accidentally overwatered because the holes in the pot weren't big enough, They're 6 auto's, 3 White Widow 3 Sensi Skunk about 5 weeks old. Any advice for salvaging this mess is welcome...
  14. D

    Diagnosis needed with plantlings

    Hi, This is my first grow with 2 photo females in a grow box for a little over 2.5 weeks now. I have two young ladies that are just 2.5 weeks old and sprouting nicely. I only noticed on my last topsoil water spray session that one of the plants, on it's first set of single leaves above the...
  15. S

    First time grow help me out save the ladies!

    Ok hi so this is my first grow, I'll start with the facts of my set up before diving into my problem and providing pics. I've got an 8' x 4' × 6.5' tent. Running a recirculating deep water culture, 30 total gallons, 6 sites 5 gallon buckets. Running 8 airstones (1 per 2 for reservoir), a 550...
  16. M

    Please Help - First week in flower - Phosphorus deficiency

  17. M

    Please Help 1st Week Into Flowering - Phosphorus Deficiency

  18. F

    Help: Nutrient Deficiency

    Hi everyone I have a problem, maybe nutrient deficiency, attached pics. I'm not sure if it is "calcium"... please help !!!!
  19. StonerThor

    Progress Feedback

    So it's day 31 of my first grow, I've been dealing with a couple of possible nutrient deficiencies but so far things don't seem to have become any worse in the past 3 days other than a possible nute burn. I'm just looking for a bit of feedback from you experienced growers out there on how my...
  20. StonerThor

    Foliar feeding question

    Would foliar feeding of nutrients be helpful against deficiencies such as nitrogen and manganese? For example if my plant was showing signs of a possible nitrogen deficiency, and my nutrient mix contained a good amount of nitrogen, would foliar feeding the nutrients to the plants be beneficial...
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