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nutrient lockout

  1. Jonny Fly

    What is causing these spots on the upper fan leaves?

    I don't think I'm using to much nutes, I use cal mag to prevent nutrient lock. This only appears on the top leaves. To much light?
  2. E

    Zinc lockout high pH

    I have what i believe is a zinc deficiency. I am using general hydroponics flora series gro, bloom, and micro in a recirculating drip system in hydroton. All environmental conditions are somewhat optimal, and pH ranges from 6 to 6.4 but runs up over night to maybe 6.8 at most - (as i believe the...
  3. Nutrients lockout.jpeg

    Nutrients lockout.jpeg

    pH 7.8
  4. R

    Canna coco A+B - How much should I use - Please help

    Hi there people, hope you can help me. Im a uk indoor tent grower and im having problems with nutrient burn using canna coco a+b. Im using canna coco medium soil too. Have had really bad nutrient burn show itself during the first 2week of flowering so I flushed the HELL out of the soil...
  5. M

    Please help - My seedling's leaves are turning yellow and falling off

    Dear friends, Although i am new to this forum i have been lurking around for many months now, and i love it( lots of great info and great community) This is my first grow and i am having major problems with my seedlings. They have stopped growing or are growing very very slow. ( Leafs...
  6. H

    Member Help Please nutrients OD/ diff? not ph - new leaves curling yellowing

    MEMBER HELP PLEASE nutrients diff? not the ph, leaves curling yellowing NUTES: FOXFARM GROW MEDIUM: SOIL & HALF COCO COIR PH: 6.0 BRITA filtered water PPM 350-450 OUTDOORS during daylight, CFL at night , 24 hours of light. thanks to those that reply :thanks:with their best guess
  7. B

    Florescent leaves

    Bright yellow and brown leaves. No growth. SOIL GROW Strain - Indica # of Plants - 4 Grow Stage - Vegetative Bucket Size - 7 Gallon Lights - (1) 1K Watt HPS Nutrients - Advanced Nutrients Medium - Pro Mix, worm castings, steer manure, Perlite PH - 7.0 Room...
  8. P

    Coming Back From the Brink

    I have switched from Humboldt Natural Grow to the Lucas Formula after completing a flush. My plants were showing cal, mag, zinc and iron deficiencies. How long will it be before they resume full and vigorous growth.
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