nutrient solution

  1. E

    Hydro - Questions on flowering stage

    This is a test type thing to see if i could make a system that works. So far its been fun with just a couple missteps. I have been looking through the forums here and have a couple questions at this point. First: I just set my timer to 12/12 for flowering - 6/14. Should I trim the fan...
  2. B

    Monsta Bud - Ozi Magic Gro Juice

    Hey Guys New to this, Just Started out with nutes. I picked this up at my local Garden store anybody tried this before or what would you recommend. As im on a budget and cannot afford nutes dedicated to MJ... Nutrient Information Thanks For reading :peace: Blonk6...
  3. BlissfulToker

    DWC Nutes

    what do you think of this product? good for DWC?
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