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    Wilting DWC hydro lady

    About three days ago my beautiful bushy gal all of a suddent went into a full instant nose dive in a major wilt. I cheked her numbers and had nuts about 738 abnd ph 4.46. I didn't mean to have it so low....add some baking sode to bribng her into range and waited a day to see if she'sd perk...
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    I am using heavy 16 nuts since the nuts are potent consentrate can the dosage be cut into and what would the out come be any be please help thanx
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    PH - Adding Nutes

    Hi everyone, I'm reading a book by Jorge Cervantes called Marujuana Horticulture and he states that you need to balance your Ph then add your Nuts afterwards. He acknowledges that nuts will bring down the ph, but it didn't matter. This is the opposite to what I've learned and been doing...
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    Can I cut fan leaves?

    Most people say dont mess with the fans but i want them gone too. Do you guys think I can trim the annoying fans that shoot out ffrom under the buds. The all cover each other. I dont know how any light gets thru to the inner buds. I hate these lil tings $#!&....
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