1. Moonshine17

    Moonshine First Grow - Crop King Autos Early Miss & NYC Diesel

    Hello. So this my first go at it. Chose crop king after researching and watching many YouTube vids. I have apollo 4'x2'x5' tent 2 galaxy hydro 300w led 1 roleadro 36w led grow 1 Sylvia is 60w natural daylight cfl (5000k) bulb 1 hanging socket 1 desk lamp 1 desk fan Root starters (generic...
  2. S


    Any one growing NYCD strain ?
  3. ddfuji

    Abandoned NYC Diesel - Barberry Brute X Blue Dream - White Russian - Maui - Soil - LED & CFL

    Recently new to the growing game and really new to the forums, ive learned a lot from reading and gathering information from other growers, and id like to say thanks to everyone who has taken the time to post there setups and what they do. Critique me and give me some ideas/suggestions, you...
  4. M

    Abandoned NYC Diesel Grow

    hey guys. I currently have 4 nyc diesel plants vegging. they have been vegging for about 4 weeks now. they are under 600w hps light 18/6. I'll have pics up soon. most likely later today. they look great! :Namaste:
  5. L

    End of 8weeks flowering

    This is the end of 8 weeks flowering NYCD. What do you guys think? looking good? how long would you expect them to take to ripen up til harvest? they are on 12/12 lighting cycle.
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