1. Ron Strider

    Recreational Marijuana Delivery Expands In Las Vegas, Could Be Halted By State

    After more than a year and a half of delivering medical marijuana to patients, Oasis Cannabis in Las Vegas has expanded its delivery services to recreational customers. But under draft permanent regulations from the Nevada Department of Taxation, the delivery for recreational customers could...
  2. O

    Ancient Cannabis 'Burial Shroud' Discovered in Desert Oasis

    Ancient Cannabis 'Burial Shroud' Discovered in Desert Oasis For the first time, archaeologists have unearthed well-preserved cannabis plants, which were placed on a corpse some 2,500 years ago. Picture of burial with marijuana shroud Cannabis plants were arranged across the body of a...
  3. SFlSteve

    Abandoned First Timer! Small Spaces, Big Hopes!

    A warm shout out to any and everyone passing by! This will be my first attempt at both a small grow operation and grow journal. Im SFlSteve, switching to power on!:surf: I look forward very much to receiving all of the wonderful advice I see posted here frequently. I have actually gained a boat...
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