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    Jozo-Sha's 4/20 Journal

    What a perfect day to start a new journal! :51: - JZ
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    Jozo-sha's Getting Grounded - Air Pots, Dirt and OC+

    Greets to all - :welcome: - make yourselves at home as I begin my 6th attempt at growing our beloved plant. As you might know, I ventured into hempy, OC+ and coco last time, and didn't have a very good go of it. In fact, there is only one plant of the many I had, a female OG Kush x Dutch...
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    TIG2's First Grow - CoCo Hempy OC+ AutoFlower Grow - 2011

    Hi everyone. Its time to fire up the HID lights and start tomato and pepper seeds so I added a few other seeds this year, Strains (1 each): - Short Stuff - Auto Assassin - Feminized - Short Stuff - Snowryder - Feminized - Advanced - Low Girl Automatic - Feminized - Sweet - Fast Bud...
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