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ocean grown gentics

  1. lxstnr

    Lx's 2018 Growing Adventures

    Running multiple strains at the moment: GG4 (DHN), Dosidos (DHN), Modified Mints (GMOxSinmint cookies by Sincity seeds), Grandpas Breath (by DVG), Dark plasma (Team OG), Ninja Fruit (Team OG), and Deadly Sativa (by MMS) Dark Plasma and Grandpas breath are 30 days into flower The rest are in...
  2. J

    Micr0gr0w3r - GROWant - Heavyweight Seeds - Ocean Grown Genetics - Loud Seeds - 2017

    Week 1 Day 7 of Flower I purchased these lights from Amazon and this is my 3rd harvest. These lights work very well. I have purchased 4 of these G3HiPAR-Series and I have ordered more lights from this company. If you have any questions on how they perform let me know as I have photos of...