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odor control

  1. Jurf

    How do I contain odor strictly within my tent?

    Hey guys. Never posted before. Haven't even started growing yet, but Im so goddamn pumped and excited for my first grow its childish. Anyway, a serious issue for me is containing the odor. I'm aware of the carbon filter and how that works, but it seems so far to me that, although the air...
  2. K

    New to Growing

    Hello I am looking for some feedback please. I want to start growing but I'm not 100% sure what all I need and what products I should use or shouldn't use. I want to run a stealth grow considering I still live with my parents. I am going to be building a desk soon and its going to have a 4 feet...
  3. C

    Help - Smell!

    setup : 1.2mx1.2mx1.8m growtent 240m3 carbon filter 180 m3 exhaust fan computer intake small fan so plants are now on their first week of flowering and whole flat started smelling any suggestions??? my plans are to put ONA gel into the end of exhaust tube. what u think about it??? Not...
  4. O

    Has anyone tried an automotive cabin filter for odor control of small grow?

    I have a small cabinet grow 13" x 36"x 60" 1 plant. I am using a 5 inch pc fan for exhaust and 3 inch pc fan for intake. I am considering mounting a activated carbon car cabin filter just inside my exhaust fan with an inch or two of plenum space. Thoughts on effectiveness or problems... Thanks!
  5. B

    Solution for smell?

    Totally new to this... as a matter of fact, I haven't actually started growing yet. I'm trying to get as much knowledge as I can before I try my first grow. I can keep my mouth shut, I live in the sticks, but I'm concerned about people who visit my home knowing what I'm doing from the odor...
  6. da goon

    anyone ever try odor sok?

    I'm looking to replace some carbon filters and save money at the same time. If these things work for small tents it would be great, but they gotta work. Anyone tried them yet? Thanks, da Goon
  7. Pinkstardust

    Grow tent uses fans?

    I am a first time grower and am looking at tents for hydroponic indoor planting. Do the tents use fans? I am looking for odor control. I was thinking about led lights too. The ready made cabinets are expensive so I am looking for a cheaper way to grow a few plants. Any help is appreciated :thanks:
  8. B

    Odor Control during dry/cure

    Hey!!! So im doing my first grow, and I was just thinking ahead to the drying and curing stage of the process. Its going to be a closet grow in a semi dense neighborhood. I was planning on harvesting the plant in the backyard, and thought that maybe I could just leave the buds in bins in the...
  9. WittyUsername

    Finding an effective odor control product

    I have checked the forums, and I have yet to find any odor control that would suit my needs, can anyone help? I am growing in a small space "3x3x3" (for personal use) but I do not want the smell to leave the box. Carbon scrubbers, fabreeze or any large and/or odor "masking" products won't...
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