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    Does it exist yet - Electronic Cannabis Stink Meter ?

    Hi there, The Introduction: One of the problems with an indoor, at home, grow. Is that you fail to notice, or underestimate, the way cannabis stinks. The smells that are ever present, somehow become invisible. I guess it's a bit like the guy that has body odour ... on the train/bus/tram/plane...
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    Odour control

    I think I've narrowed down how I'm going to set up my grow room... probably using Cap'ns design. I realize that the odour produced by a ripening flowering room can be pretty strong. (That's what caused my forced vacation 20 years ago!) So, I'm very interested in getting the best odour control...
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    Carbon filter?

    hey there people im a rookie, and i'm doing my first grow, but i have found i have 1 problem, "odour" woke up this morning and yes its going to become a big problem so my question is "how do i make a cheap carbon extractor and fast" i have people coming to stay next week and i cant let them...
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