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    The leaves start to yellow and the bottom leaves dry up and fall off?

    I'M 9 weeks now . The leaves start to yellow and the bottom leaves dry up and fall off. I have 10 lt pot and . I give 2.5 lt of water to the flowers Humudity %50 Temperature 23-25 ​​degrees I give less fertilizer than half of the list . What is my problem ? This is my first grow . Please help me .
  2. M

    Light cycle

    Hi guys I'm new to this forum and apologise if I have missed something on newbie postings but just need a little info. I have heard of people in veg stage tricking the light cycle to keep electricity down by doing 12 hours on 5 off 2 on 5 off. Does anybody know if this is a good idea...
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  4. O

    Lighting question?

    I have three 600 watt LED lights, the manufacturer of the lights suggest if running the lights over 12 hours to have a 20-minute period in the middle of the day to turn the lights off. Is that normal or is that something I should not do? I am growing purple kush and CB Dutch!
  5. C

    Over lighting

    My timer was not working im on 12 on 12 off the plants have gone very dry and curled is there any way to get them back i have them sleeping was thinking of leaving lights off for 24 hours any help would be great
  6. D

    Droopy & curling leaves - New grower seeking help please

    Hi there, i Inherited these 3 plants, strain in Afgan apprarently. I received them in small soil pots and they were quite messy, i gave them a clean up, taking off dry laves of the lower sten. Got the new environment for them ready over a couple days, it's a DWN system. THe system is about 21...
  7. F

    Timer won't start 400W HPS

    Hi, today I came home and my timer thats set on a 18/6 schedule didnt start. So ... wtf must I do for it to work?!?!? I'm using a 400w HPS with a 400w ballast. Here are the stats of the timer : 125V ac. 60Hz 15A resistive 1000W tungsten 5A Ballast please help!
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  9. A

    Will this clone?

    Whilst walking home I saw a nice plant on a bank. I would have liked to pull the whole thing out but it was too big and people will see me carrying a big plant home lol. So I quickly broke off this part from the top and cut the fan leaves off and shortened the other leaves. I broke off an aloe...
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    Bongs, Dab Rigs & Glass Water Pipes | Aqua Lab Technologies
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    Magical Butter.Com's Green Week Sale Is Almost Here

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  13. vyserage

    Help! Yellowing & no resistance leaf falloff - Bottom yellow leaves

    Hey guys, i've been having my bottom most leaves pull off with next to zero resistance (simply moving the plant around would make them fall off). They are also yellowish green! All my plants have been doing it so im not entirely sure whats going on! My pH of water in is usually 6.8-7.0 and comes...
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    Gorilla - 30% Off Advanced Female Seeds This Weekend

    30% off Advanced Female Seeds - click the name to see what they have to offer. This weekend only - no coupon code needed. Sherry
  15. Cap3550

    Yellow & Browning Leaves

    On my 2nd grow. 8 weeks in. Amnesia Haze. Using 400W bulb. 20 hours on, 4 hours off. Organic soil along with fox farm fertilizer. Didn't have this issue with my first grow but having it now. Leaving are yellowing, then to brown and then drying up. Flowering is still happening. What is...
  16. G

    Cleaning problem

    I have some buds that have willow herb fuzz with some seeds and some seeds and husks from I think it's called crabgrass. I was able to pick them all off with tweezers from the flowers on top but the lower ones have too much to do it that way. I tried swishing them in water and some came off but...
  17. vyserage

    Stems from nodes - Cut off?

    So as the plant grows and it has a set of nodes, im now in flowering and those nodes from the very bottom of the plant and in a few other places from all my plants are growing up and i can clearly see its another shoot. What does everyone do with those, clip em off so the energy gets spent...
  18. SweetSue

    SweetSue Showcases The GROWant GR240 - Lighting Up A 2x2

    A couple weeks ago Tortured Soul recommended me for a sponsored grow with one of the LED panels our newest sponsor, GROWant, was attempting to place with members who would be in a position to document a complete grow. They were seeking someone with a 2'x2' tent for the smallest model, The G240...
  19. K

    Bud Rot At Harvest Time Question

    Do I have to pick off all the rot before drying? Or can I harvest, trim, dry, and then pick off the bud rot? Thanks in advance, katurango
  20. Ron Strider

    CA: Nearly 1,500 Pounds Of Marijuana Confiscated From Boat Off Of San Clemente Beach

    Authorities confiscated 1,200 to 1,500 pounds of marijuana Sunday morning from a boat off of Calafia Beach, an Orange County sheriff's official said. At about 7:50 a.m. Sept. 10, state lifeguards reported the sheriff's department of a suspicious boat about 50 feet off the coast, sheriff's Lt...
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