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  1. C

    IGLM Afghan - Crappy genetics or crappy strain?

    This Afghan I got sprouted really well. All the seeds germinated and I was stoked. This has been grown side by side, with Purple power and O.G. Kush from AMS seed bank. Although the Afghan from ilgm grew well when young, when I harvested it and the O.G. Kush, the Afghan tastes like bottom...
  2. cannilingus

    Was gifted a bag of earthworm castings.

    I run hp soiless. i have used foxrfarms kangaroots, and recently sweet and dandy, to encourage mycortizae grouth. Yesterday, i was doing some transplanting, (five dimafem o.g kush, and some rooted god bud clones). i added a half cup or so, to the four gallon pots, and, half that, to the one...
  3. cannilingus

    Orange Hill Special

    I just ordered, three fem seeds, of this strain, from dutch passion, thru a prominent seed re-distributor. I am hoping for a nice, orangey plant, to grow with my god bud, and o.g kush girls. Has anyone grown, or even smoked, any of this strain? Thanks in advance. Happy halloween!