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o.g. kush

  1. HigherTheHigh

    I need help with the perfect scrog & medium question

    Hello all! Im currently in the middle of an organic soil grow and i really need a few questions asked, there currently in a coco/compost style medium, it isnt the best but there only in 1L pots at the moment and are 15 days old, doing pretty well up to now but, am i okay leaving them in this...
  2. noydb07

    First Grow O.G. Kush Need Help! still growing!

    As Titled, this is my first grow. I have read for years about how to take care of, train, top, trim, EVERYTHING! I thought so anyhow.the older the ladies get the more nervous I get. So please chip in your two cents asap. i have some in veg and some in flower and here is the lot. again any...
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