1. U

    Uncle Roach Clip's First Ever Grow Journal: GG#4 Auto

    Greetings to my first grow journal. I provide a summary of the relevant specs at the end if you want to skip over all the details, which I provide here just for context. About me: this technically the 2nd solo grow I've ever done, but it might as well be my first. In 2001-2 I tried to guerilla...
  2. DA7FE45C-24BD-4690-9481-8892A780B4E5.jpeg


    Cbd OG Kush 10 maturing her seeds
  3. IMG_5398.JPG


    CBD OG Kush 10
  4. IMG_5388.JPG


    CBD OG Kush 10 X ATF
  5. IMG_5366.JPG


    Main cola CBD OGK
  6. niighaag

    Completed DWC & LED: Autoflower Critical 2.0

    Grow Journal - By Niighaag To start of with this will be my first hydroponic grow I have been looking forward for this for a very long time. Ladies & Gentlemens.. Sit back and enjoy the journal, I hope you like it as much as I did making it. Heres what i'll be using for the grow 5...
  7. Lady G2HM

    Completed Lady G Seedsman Sponsored Journal, Medical Vitamin Weed

    Lady G — CANDIDA & CBD OG KUSH Auto— Seedsman Sponsored Grow Against Alzheimer's & Neurodegenerative Diseases "Seedsman: About Us:love: Our company mission and the aim of all our websites is to help preserve cannabis genetics for future generations whilst promoting the need to control and...
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    Group pic right after the neem spray
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    Group pic
  10. 88162912-0AA7-4BC7-BF3F-AEF98124A15B.jpeg


    Finally a decent nametag for Van Stank the cbd OG kush 1
  11. O

    Mid spring and my babies are flowering in my greenhouse.- help please

    Hi guys and gals, I germinated my seeds in the month before spring and put them in the warm greenhouse (no lights) qnd they have been veging just fine, it's now a month into spring and I see that some of them have signs of flowering on them... There's plenty of light, more then 12 hours a...
  12. 4msterdam

    Completed 4msterdam's - Indoor - Budget - OG Kush Grow - Bag Seed

    I collected 3 BagSeeds of OG Kush and decided to try and grow them, rather than wasting them. Here goes my first post of this Journal. OG Kush BagSeed, Hybrid, (Dispencery where the bud+seed came from claimed 21% THC, 0% CBD, although I have no way to confirm this claim, I must say, it was...
  13. buddha buds

    Green Crack- HSO - OG Kush x Cheese - Kush n Cheese - Dinafem 9 weeks flower

    WHOLE CAB GREEN CRACK - Humbolt Seed Organization OGKUSH X UK CHEESE (KUSH N CHEESE) - Dinafem PEACE <3
  14. tugasonasol

    Abandoned Tugasonasol's First Auto Soil Grow - OG Kush & Moby Dick XXL - 250W HPS

    :welcome:HELOO EVERYONE:welcome: Real anxious on this one , hope that y'all come and take a sit on my road to glory :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo: So lets start, first i'll tell you why I'm growing autos ,the last grow I've tried a little SCROG on a Ladyburn 1974 from GreenHouse under a 150W...
  15. O

    Completed GG4 - Black Haze - Secret Recipe & OG Kush From Clone Under T5/LED

    Hello all, I have been growing for about 2 years now and am looking to connect with others in this grow and get some feedback and tips. Maybe we can help each other out! I've been keeping my grows documented for myself, but felt this time around it would be nice to share the journey with others...
  16. C

    Bushy Plant Help

    Everything going great in my grow so far:allgood::allgood:https://www.420magazine.com/forums/images/smilies/allgood.gif I just have a quick question for you guys my plant is growing super bushy, How do train it so that the nodes receive the most light? I've looked at defoliation but I'm...
  17. ganjafarmer1

    Is my OG Kush ready? Clear pics

    Hello, I'm currently growing 1 OG kush plant that's at day 73 flowering. It's my second grow (first non-auto) and I'm not sure on when to harvest her. I'm growing in scrog and the pistils are still 40% white. I'm stopped feeding her 2 weeks ago. feel free to give some advise or ask...
  18. M

    Help please

    I have one og kush 6 og platinums and 6 og Tahoes. They where doing good this is only my 2nd grow. Last grow had alot of bugs this time I sprayed azamax but I heard og doesnt like azamax. So I stoped a couple weeks ago. I am growing in coco with AN nuts they looked good till my last spray of...
  19. T

    Where to find Bomb OG in South Orange County CA

    OK, so here is the deal. The dispensaries up in hollywood and the SFV (818 area code) have much better OG Kush than the dispensaries in Orange County. In OC, I've found Santa Ana dispensaries to be the best, but even they don't match LA's quality. I'm moving south to San Clemente and getting...
  20. W

    Abandoned First Timer Closet LED/CFL Low Budget - Advice Welcome!

    - - - - - My plant log!! - - - - VEG STAGE The plant was up rooted nov,26,2012 potted and taken to my house. SETUP- -one 18' -15 watt 10,000k photon energy H/O -LED day light strip. one 120 watt 1800 lumens sylvania night chaser halogen- 18/6 light cycle watering only 2 times sofar. . -...
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