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old seeds

  1. Dude Stoneder

    20th Century Seeds

    I feel like old Ben Kanobi. I have grown for a very long time. Then I stopped, raised a family and lived a different lifestyle for a few decades. A time for every season. Now it’s time to turn the page and resurrect some very old friends. Stored correctly in cold storage for all these years...
  2. B

    Looking for your old seeds

    Hi everyone, I'm new here. I know a lot of people have trouble sprouting old seeds, but I have a good method, I've had success with poorly stored seeds and if stored correctly, I often see high germination rates. The oldest seeds I've had germ to date, were 53 years old. I look forward to meet...
  3. C

    Old seeds won't germinate

    Found some old seeds. Maybe like 2 or 3 years. I uses the water cup method but it's been 48 house and the havent done much. Should I take it out And use the paper plate method or put them in soil?
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