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  1. H


    Hi, I want to treat COPD/emphysema with CO.I live in Spain +so far have only managed to obtain rosin(nicele kush) which I have been told to heat +mix with olive oil or coco oil,Any advice about the ratio???
  2. onewarmguy

    Insecticidal Soap vs Thrips

    Okay folks I'm calling out for advice from the veterans, I'm fighting a battle with the terrible THRIP right now and I thought I poll you all to find out your solutions.:50: I prefer to keep my grow as organic as possible, so I'm using a 1% solution of pure Castille soap, olive oil and ph'd...
  3. N

    CCO - Olive Oil Or Other

    Hi all, long time lurker, but recent joiner. I have been reading lots about CCO and Psycro's olive oil method. I have never made cco as I cannot get hold of enough food grade ethanol, so unfortunately cannot make lots. I have a small 500ml bottle and want to try making some, and had a...
  4. SweetSue

    Fresh Harvest Infused Cannabis Oil

    Fresh Harvest Oil There's a lot of excitement starting on the site about creating a fresh-harvest infused olive oil, a method so carefully developed by PsyCro and written up in his thread Olive oil extract update. I've adapted it a bit for my own purposes, but I recommend you read through his...
  5. W

    Cannabis-infused olive oil

    I have stage 4 severe emphysema (COPD) and aged 71. In addition, I have 2 stomach ulcers, arthritis in arm joints, a hernia and cluster migraines. I'm not looking for a cure, which would be great, but relief from pain and most important some mobility. I have ordered some seeds : Aurora...
  6. KbCobra

    Do you have to decarb shatter for edibles?

    I tried looking it up online and the answer varies. Also can I decarb it in a glass mason jar mixed with olive oil then put it in boiling water and use the olive oil for brownies
  7. F

    Does the high matter?

    Hi, is the high relevant if using c-oil to cure cancer? I'm thinking of not mixing my oil with olive oil as it seems to increase the potency of it, meaning my mum has to ingest less. So, I figure don't mix it with olive oil, it's made weaker, she can ingest more. Sound logical?
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