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  1. vyserage

    Am I curing correctly?

    Bud hang dried for 4 and a half days (inside closet, no fan, humidistat at 50%) where it felt crispy on outside and a little moist on inside. I clipped them all from stem and put into a wide mouthed mason jar with a gyro meter. It started at 60 humidity in jar and within 1-2 hours it was at...
  2. R

    Need some help - Having a difficult time

    Hi! So I'm having a bit of a problem. My plants do not look very good after a total of 14 days. I'm using Technaflora Cutting Stage Recipe which was recommended to me for seedling and clones. It's basically some just Thrive Alive B-1 red. I am using a supercloner which bubbles by pumping air...
  3. H

    420's Soil Purple Kush Journal

    Growing 2 crop king Purple Kush plants in a 4x4x6.5 reflective tent in 5 gallon pots with Happy Frog soil. Currently using one 300W vipar spectra LED but I have another one ready for use once the seedlings hit vegetative stage. Lights are currently positioned at around 40 inches from the top of...
  4. H

    Hand watering Hydroton

    Hey Guys, Just wanted to gain some knowledge. what I'd like to know is, can i start my seeds in cocopeat jiffyplugs and once the roots start poking outta the plugs.. can i place the plant into.. say a 1 or 2 gallon smart pot filled with ONLY hydroton.. and manually hand-water the plants...
  5. J

    Where'd the smell go?

    I've grown NLA, Candy Cane, White Widow and only once has my green smelled strong, had dence buds and tasted awesome. Not sure what I'm doing wrong or what I did right once but it's always coming out not as tasty, tight and strong smelling. Still get buzzed af but not so tasty. Any ideas? Common...
  6. S

    LED question

    I've done a few grows with CFL's but was considering led's. this may sound basic to y'all but with a full spectrum light all the lights are on at once right? If so I assume switching to 12/12 puts them in flower and not the light kelven?
  7. TerpKing

    TerpKing - Third Grow - Holy Grail Kush DNA Genetics - Coco Smart Pots - 600W MH/HPS

    Hello everyone and welcome to my third grow journal. After finishing my second grow successfully with great results, I'm back and ready to grow and improve some more! A few slight changes from my last grow. I'll be using coco for my medium again but this time ill also be adding CO2 and A/C so I...
  8. Why Doe

    Question about foliar feeding

    I like to spray my girls down with water mixed with a little bit of seaweed extract PH'd down to 6.5 once or twice a day. Question is should I do this during flower or no?
  9. T

    Looking for any advise on my grow

    Hey guys, I'm new to this forum this year, and it's not my first year growing but it's the most plants I've grown at a time. Currently I've got 12 plants of various different strains, all in 15 gallon root pouches except one I tried in a 15 gallon air pot and one in a 15 gallon smart pot (just...
  10. P

    Out door grower, leaf problem

    I have several plants that are approximately 3 months old. All are growing outside and gets at least 7 hours of direct sun. All are doing very well, but one has odd coloring to the veins. They are a bright yellow, just the veins, not the leaf. It's getting the same fertilizer as the...
  11. N

    Excited for my first grow

    Hey everyone! So, I have always wanted to grow for as long as I can remember even though I don't really smoke. I finally got four seeds from a friend and the only info is that they are Indica. They are about three weeks old now from seed and have been doing okay. Over the last couple days...
  12. paganini

    CK White Widow calendar

    Just got my Crop Kind White Widow seeds and germinated. I am growing just two right now in soil but once bigger, I will cut some branches to make clone cuttings to grow in DWC. I would like to know if there is a calendar to follow once I have my clones rooted to go into the DWC process.
  13. B

    New one here

    just joined and alreasdy i,m lost not sure how to navigate through this site but once i find out i will have a hell of a lot of questions:bravo:
  14. MehGreenThumb

    Transplanting necessary?

    1st time growing, indoor, 48x48x80 tent & LEDs. Looking forward to getting my white widow seeds. Once they're germinated (using paper towel technique) and I pop them into soil, how important is the pot size? I purchased some 5-Gal growing pots. Can I put the sprouted seeds into those, or do I...
  15. U

    New grower desperate for advice - Pics attached!

    Greeting all I am a first time grower/patient and new to the community/family. Ive been growing a few plants for 4 weeks now and currently seeking advice. The plants are cherry pie and on an 18/6 regiment. I give them sensi-grow 5ml once a week with superthrive. A fan circulates the air 24/7 and...
  16. S

    Newbie - Smoked twice in my life

    Hello, all! I'm from Michigan and I've decided to begin this adventure on the Medical Marijuana Program. I have pain from Lupus (SLE) sarcoidosis and Lofgren's Syndrome. I am in my 21 day waiting period for my license to arrive and already have an assigned caregiver. I have questions, so...
  17. D

    Dingo Grow

    HI mars 2 1600 , tent , 6in filter n fan , soil ph7 , rain water 6.8 , 1 only power feed n12 p1.4 k7 ,seasol kelp extract 1/2 strength, once, in tent small leaf and slow growth in soil ph 7, 30c in temp, is my light to strong , for my young plants? please help .
  18. S

    Advice on soil - pH or not to pH - That is the question

    Hi guys. I have a question that I need some help on please, I have been reading on here and found some info but some of it has been contradicting so I waned to ask direct. I am growing two CBD Crews Critical mass under a 400 HPS, the medium I am using is Canna Terra Professional Plus soil...
  19. Tylerjs3799

    Plant smell

    Hey, so I just started my first grow, 2 purple kush and 3 Cali kush. I started them in some little red solo cups but I'm planning on planting outside once they outgrow the cups. My question is once they start to flower how far away will I be able to smell the bud?
  20. H

    White powder mildew?

    Had a problem with this last (also first) indoor grow. I am being more diligent about keeping humidity down. I am also spraying neem oil once a week as a preventive. I read some use sm-90. Question one, is neem oil or sm90 better or the same for preventive? Question two, is spraying once a...
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