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  1. Lonerandstonerforever

    1200w LED Closet Grow Day 34

    Hello all this is my fourth grow I am about 34 days in now and am using soil vigoro I've used it in the past never failed me 1200w led and I'm doing 4 plants from hopefully feminized bag seed I've grown it before and it was amazing here are the hopefully ladies weirdly two of them naturally...
  2. Otterbear

    Gashes at the bottom of stalks a month in?

    Hey everyone! Two things :oops: I noticed the first smaller sprout leaves on all 3 are dying. Then on a couple of them, there’s some small marks on the stalks that look like gashes maybe? The 1st one in the collage has it worse or more pronounced than the 2nd. I was a little late on feeding a...
  3. J

    One month into flower 600W DWC

    This is Sheila at about a month into flower, we named her sheila because we do not know what strain she is, we do know the plant the seeds came from was blue dream. Switched to 12/12 Dec.18.2012 Under 600W HPS (Metal Halide for the photos) Using the GH 3 Part Flora Nutes with Heavy...
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