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  1. S

    Kicked out of the house

    My grow tent has been kicked out of the spare room so now think of putting it in the garage but a summer is here it get hot in the at the moment I have a 1.2m1.2m 2m tent with a 600w cool tube when it was in side keep the temp nice was easy what should I do would going to a LED be the way I...
  2. M

    Slow seedling growth: Help

    First time growing. Germination was quick. Originally, my plant seemed to be growing fine. Early on, I began noticing a slight yellow color appearing on my initial fan leaves. I Ignorantly decided to add fish fertilizer (4-1-1). Initially this brought back a greener look however it began to...
  3. D

    I need help with light!

    Hey guys. I go straight to the question. I know 2700k is not good for veg. but I want to get answer if 40W LED 2700k will be enough to grow one plant from veg to flowering. I have auto fem. seeds.
  4. H

    Abandoned Found Magic in the Garden

    So I found this plant in my mothers garden. It must have been a seed I threw off the porch or something. So, I took it and potted it in organic soil! :) I put her in a bathtub and under twenty four hour light. Then I sat back and watched her grow:) Then I got some more lights opened up...
  5. M

    First Time Grower

    Hey all! I've recently been looking into starting my first ever grow. A close friend of mine has started his grow already and seems to know what he is doing. I'm thinking about doing CFL Closet grow or just a small CFL grow, nothing too industrial. I need a good website to start ordering my...
  6. MKrop420

    Abandoned Mkrop's DWC

    Specs: Grow space: Indoor 3x3 tent Lighting: Swapping MH/HPS (600W) Method: Deep Water Culture Medium: Hydrocorn Training: ScroG Seed bank: Riot Seeds Strain: Cookie Dream -Strain Type Indica / Sativa Equal...
  7. spring2012

    Completed Spring's Obvious - Stealth Grow!

    Hope you all enjoy this..I'm in the brainstorming mode of this new grow and hope my friends will help! Looking for new friends to jump in as well.. May have to copy and paste my last post from my 3rd grow. Kinda helps understand where I'm at with this.. I have been monitoring my garage for...
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