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  1. 20180912_203228.jpg


    Outdoor grow, just a cool looking weed. I think this strain is either dark star, or gummy bears.
  2. Mono

    One Man & His Bush

    :welcome: Welcome everyone - another journal, and another go at pulling a kilo from a single plant under the 600 watt HPS.:high-five: May as well cut to the chase :thumb: The so-called filler run is currently flowering under the HPS, they have been on 12/12 for around 14 days now...
  3. J

    Jwhat's Second - Soil - Black Indica - Closet - Micro Grow Journal

    A little late been procrastinating hardcore to start another journal haha. High as fuck now here we go. I'm using all the same stuff, CFL's 6500k for vegetative and 2700k for flowering. Started mixing them up towards flowering though to add to the wattage. Using promix veg and herb, just...
  4. ChefDGreen

    ChefDG's Very First Plant - Soil - LED - MG

    Hello 420mag community! I'm very pleased to bring you my very first grow and journal. I'm doing this more or less for experience of the cannabis grow cycle, as this is my first plant. Because she is solo, I will be ecstatic if anything smokable is yielded. This is a very low budget grow, I'm...
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