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  1. Q

    It's me QueenZena! I am the one you have been hearing about from Guy Cavallero!

    Hello everyone! I Just wanna thank everyone on this amazing forum for all the support you have showed me based on one person's sharing my story.I have so much to add to this so we can help others as well. Wow I'm so excited to meet talk and grow with this community.!!!
  2. C

    Any ideas?

    Just wondering what could be causing my issues here. Have 2 sappy sour x2s here 17 days into flower with 2 45 watt full spectrum led grow bulbs. Getting alot of the bottoms leaves just turning yellow and dying off. A few of the kolas have yellow tips on the very top sets of leaves not under...
  3. W

    Don't think I got what I ordered?

    Hi I ordered Cali OG kush/haze. I sprouted 3 seeds. One died all good but the one I swear is an indica. It is also an autoflower as it is flowering and I have not triggered it to do so. Any feedback?? What's
  4. C

    Calaveras Kid 420 Music

    I am blasted by rap music during harvest by the youngsters.. I wish they could chill out musically Please go ahead and add your favorite here I have been enjoying this one a lot lately.. Somking my keef this Christmas morning and drinking my coffee
  5. Ron Strider

    Cannabidiol Treats My Anxiety Without Making Me High

    I could still cognate and put ideas together and think like a sound person, but the ceaseless background noise that constantly rattled around in my mind went silent. I read about Cannabidiol for the first time four years ago in TIME. The article asserted that CBD–a non-psychoactive chemical...
  6. ondercuver

    One COB thing bothers me

    :Namaste: Hello fellow diy'ers I'm researching COB's for some time now and it looks like every build is about the same ... cobs run in series with a few meanwell drivers . My question is " is that necessary ? is there some science behind it? a paralel run would be less efficient?"...
  7. M

    Royal Creamatic First Grow

    Hi all. I have been growing Royal Creamatic for 12 weeks. Theyis meant to be an 8 week strain.With 6 being flowering. I have counted flowering since when I first saw pistols coming out of the bud sites. One on left is 36 days flowering. The one on right is 24 days flowering Because I am at...
  8. Jackalope

    Hybrid Of Lavender x Da Purps

    Here is a weird review. My grows now days are medically based. I am still finding strains that meet my personal needs. One of my biggest problem is nerve pain. I am finding strains that help with the nerve pain itself. I also need the pot to help keep my mind off the constant burning and pain...
  9. F

    Different nutes

    Hello all I'm here from Edmonton. I was wondering if anyone has ever changed from one supplier of nutes to a different one. I would like to go to more of an organic type. I am currently using Wild Thing and have been having problems my white widow strain was beautiful but when I flipped them I...
  10. R

    Does anyone have any idea what these brown spots are on my leaves?

    This is one of the leaves of the second pair of true leaves that developed on one of my plants. The plant is now 2 1/2 weeks old and a couple of days ago this set of leaves started developing these brown spots. Prior to developing these spots this set of leaves also seemed to develope a twist...
  11. P

    Help! Are these thicker white pistils normal?

    I'm doing a VERY low-tech, novice closet grow and I have one surviving plant (total n00b). Soil growing, cheap Amazon light, no ph testing etc. A few days ago I noticed one bud on my plant is growing these thicker white pistils as shown in this photo: Here is another bud from the same...
  12. D

    How do you mix your nutrients in the proper & efficient way?

    Do you guys mix all your nutrients at once, and THEN add them to the reservoir? Or do you take it one by one. EXAMPLE: Do you mix all your nutrients (Cal Mag, SVA, SVB, etc...) into one mixture, and then pour it into the water reservoir? or pour the nutrients into the reservoir one by one...
  13. M

    CBD oil or Hemp oil?

    I don't know the difference between the two.. Which one tastes better and has better medicinal qualities?
  14. cannilingus

    White Rhino pheno

    Nirvana fem. This one went purp on me. lol. cant tell you how good it is. havent smoked in 18 months or so. One of my last plants, ill grow. wanted to share this preety girl, with you all. Not sure how much longer i will be around. Lung disease taking over. (idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis). I...
  15. Ron Strider

    Despite Being Heavy-Handed, California Marijuana Rules Signal End Of Prohibition

    It's an old cliché, but one doesn't find beer distributors gunning each other down in the town square in battles over market turf. Whisky distillers don't dump pollutants in streams and rivers–and bars and restaurants that serve cocktails tend to be safe places that follow modern building...
  16. Ron Strider

    The Cannabis Industry's Largest Conference Showcases A Maturing Industry

    The maturation of the cannabis industry is easily illustrated by the growth of its most popular conference. Just over 400 people attended the initial iteration of the Marijuana Business Conference & Expo (MJBizCon) when it debuted in Denver back in 2012 Back then, merely 16 states had legal...
  17. Ron Strider

    CA: Marijuana Rules Are Heavy Handed, But Signal End Of Prohibition

    It's an old cliché, but one doesn't find beer distributors gunning each other down in the town square in battles over market turf. Whisky distillers don't dump pollutants in streams and rivers — and bars and restaurants that serve cocktails tend to be safe places that follow modern building...
  18. H

    420's Soil Purple Kush Journal

    Growing 2 crop king Purple Kush plants in a 4x4x6.5 reflective tent in 5 gallon pots with Happy Frog soil. Currently using one 300W vipar spectra LED but I have another one ready for use once the seedlings hit vegetative stage. Lights are currently positioned at around 40 inches from the top of...
  19. D

    Cracked Stem From LST

    Hello everyone, I have been low stress training my three blue cheese plants. I went a little too far when pulling some of the stems down. There are two spots that have cracked stems, one on two of the plants. I'm going to let it grow until I put the scrog screen in about a week. I will...
  20. Duggan

    Duggan Does Black Cherry Punch & Star Pupil With Doc's Gear!

    Top of the day to ya's all. I'm starting this new journal for my Black Cherry Punch(special) and Star Pupil. They are both top shelf cannabis , leaning towards more colors and resin development. Both strains are very similar in growth patterns and final height. I will grow both strains with...
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