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  1. TheFertilizer

    How to fill out a scrog with uneven plant heights?

    I've got these Panama x Malawi 100% sativas and three of them got 2x as tall as the rest. I've got them worked under the scrog, but the three shorter ones aren't even sticking up through the net yet. I want the canopy to be even, so I'm thinking I just need to keep the big ones trained under...
  2. flytier

    Couldn't Help Myself

    Well, my first plants aren't going to see their proper harvest time. I was doing good keeping my hands off them and then I went and threw out my back. So I cut one of my plants down and nuke-dried it to get it somewhat smokeable. It wasn't a big plant to begin with, and it was only about halfway...
  3. Southerncough

    Square Smart Pots?

    Wassap gardeners, has anyone tried the square mesh grow bags/smart pots? I gave the round 5 gallon ones a go and seemed to have decent luck with my last set up. Planning ahead for my next garden and thinking about doing 10-20 gal and doing my homework between staying with the mesh bags or...
  4. B

    First grow - Bad experience - Miniature bud with auto Coco LED

    Hi guys, Looks like my first experience in growing is sad, as most likely I watered them not sufficient or there is too less light (Mars II 400 LED). Blue dream and Med gom. I mixed soil in proportion: CANNA COCO PLUS 50L - 70% PERLITE 10L - 20% Vermiculite 10L - 10% and I bought minerals...
  5. C

    My first grow almost 8 weeks from seed

    I have 2 strains almost 8 week from seed. The ones in veg are CBDream, and the ones in flower are Amnesia Haze. Both stains are from crop king seeds. What do you guys think. This is my first grow.
  6. F

    Hello Friends

    How's it going everyone! I have been a long time lurker of this forum and many other similar ones and finally thought I should make an account. I am a medical marijuana patient in California and found this website as a good resource to help me educate family and loved ones on my self medication...
  7. D

    Old timer newbie needs help with media

    Hi guys and gals Wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction as what brand of hydroton clay pebbles to use in a ebb and flow system using 9 x9 pots. Have seen some and they all have different reviews as to which ones that float and which ones that are really small in size. I...
  8. Y

    CFL lights - Help with amount of light for successful grow

    So I have tried researching this and doing the math. But im still confused. First off I don't do well with comprehending all the data. I have went with 10 of the 65 watt cfl 6500 for veg. They say 13 watt on package though. Ant 10 of the 65 watt 2700 for flowering. I do have a reflector. My...
  9. S

    Need help

    Hey everyone my partner and I live I Queensland Australia, medical cannabis has just been leagalsed. We support medical cannibis we have just started growing for ourselves but are Currently havin Troble finding witch ones are male and witch ones are female . Would really appreciate some advice...
  10. Greenethumb42

    Phosphorus Def or Magnesium Def?

    Can someone tell me there opinion on this..it's the older fan leafes closer to the bottom of the plant..the leafes are from 2 different plants,I have e 3 but it's only on the 2..the bigger ones that just started to show sex..the are in smart pots,one is a u gal and the other is a 5 gal..soil is...
  11. BonzaSeedBank

    Celebrate Your 4th Getting Some Freebies From Bonza

    Cannabis Seeds from Bonza Seedbank What better way to spend your time shooting fireworks and checking out Bonza with our huge selection of strains. We get new ones everyday and don't miss out since they go pretty quick. Have a safe holiday everyone!
  12. K

    Advice for DIY COB?

    I want to get into building my own light! I currently own a Mars300, but I want to try to build something myself and use the Mars300 for additional lighting. So far I keep hearing the CXB3590 COB's from Cree are the ones worth buying. I want to buy 2, can I just buy a couple 3500k ones and...
  13. N

    First time grower - Input appreciated

    Hello everyone, this is my setup. Closet: 545 x 565 x 1600 mm (just under 2 by 2 feet and about 5 feet high) mylar covered and well vented. Lights: 250 W CFL both 6400K and 2100K-2700K Pots: 11 liter (3,5 gallon) soft square pots, may be able to get larger ones Medium: Soil, good dutch...
  14. M

    One of my pre flowers is looking kind of funny

    One particular preflower is looking like it hermit. I can't really tell yet tried to take a pic but it's too small my I can get my phone to focus in on it. All the other ones look normal. If I does turn out hermit, will I be fine if I remove it b4 it opens?
  15. U

    Greetings from Finland!

    I am a bit shy one and won't tell much about myself. Found our Finnish forum a while back, and now I seek international ones. I have a small secret garden, and my little ladies are my first grow.
  16. P

    Autoflowering/LED340w/HydroTent - Short and slow grow on every try - Pics

    Hi everyone. I'm using an -340 w led light( 23 blue and 45 yellow/red) - Light Period 20/4 - grow tent 27x27x63 -1 Fan 24 v PC like -1 Outtake fan stronger than intake -Medium temperature...
  17. C

    Anyone use LED floodlights?

    I see amazon has some super cheap ones. 150w for around $100.00 give or take. Thinking about trying one out, worse comes to worse i can always replace the led chips inside the unit with better ones and upgrade power supply. Anyone try these? The brands are just some generic Chinese names...
  18. N

    Question about clay pebble medium

    I was wondering if it was a good idea to reuse clay pebbles for a second round or should i just get new ones i had them in a ebb n gro system . tks :420:
  19. Greenethumb42

    Is it too early to top?

    HI guys I'm back again I have some qustions..1 is it to early to top they are 10 days old today..my other post I did awhile back with the yellow leaves it died so I started these ones..I also changed a bunch of stuff I am now using happy frog soil and I haven't gave them ANY nuts yet and I been...