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  1. Etzmishpat

    2019 Ontario Legal Seeds: Tweed Argyle & Bakerstreet

    Hey everyone, This is my first grow! I’ve received both of Ontario’s first legal recreational Cannabis strains from the OCS: Tweed’s Argyle and Bakerstreet seeds. Both are Indica hybrids as far as I know. I’m limited to a total of 4 plants at any given time (no way around this)... so I’m...
  2. R

    Best option for DIY RDWC parts? Southern Ontario, Canada

    Hello. I'm located in southern Ontario Canada and am going to attempt to switch from soil to hydroponic rdwc system. I have a budget of 450 to 6 I can use to source the parts required as the systems available are drastically over priced and I would like the system to be able to support 8 to 16...
  3. Ron Strider

    Canada: Ontario Passes Marijuana Law, Sets Stage For Government-Run Pot Shops

    Legislation giving Ontario's government a monopoly on recreational marijuana sales in the province passed at Queen's Park on Tuesday. MPPs passed the Cannabis Act 63 to 27, with support from the Liberals and the NDP, while the PC party voted no. The bill creates a provincial agency that...
  4. Ron Strider

    Canada: 40 LCBO Run Stores In Ontario Will Begin Selling Cannabis

    The Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO) announced Friday that 40 LCBO-run stores in Ontario will begin selling cannabis after legalization next year. Located in 14 cities across Ontario, staff from the cannabis dispensing LCBO shops will be meeting with members from the Ministry of Finance...
  5. Ron Strider

    Canada: Ontario Must Do The Right Thing With Cannabis Revenues

    Both the governments of Canada and Ontario stress that one of their primary objectives as we move to a regime of legalized recreational cannabis is to protect youth. They point to their respective legislative approaches that establish minimum legal age for purchase, penalties for selling to...
  6. Ron Strider

    Canada: Ontario Government Outlines First 14 Cities To Host Cannabis Shops

    The Ontario government has named the first 14 cities that will receive standalone cannabis stores by July 2018. The Ministry of Finance and Liquor Control Board of Ontario outlined their plan on Friday, with four stores in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area. They include the Toronto...
  7. Ron Strider

    Canada: Ontario Begins Regulating Recreational Marijuana

    Ontario is set to introduce legislation today that would regulate the sale and distribution of recreational marijuana. The province was the first to announce detailed plans last month for cannabis once the federal government makes it legal in July 2018. The drug will be sold in up to 150...
  8. Ron Strider

    Canada: Dispensary Owners Are Already Fighting Ontario's Rules On Legal Weed

    Clint Younge was tormented by bullies as a boy in elementary school in Stoney Creek, Ontario, long before he discovered the power of cannabis. His classmates made fun of his nervous tics, a side effect of the high-dose pharmaceuticals he was being prescribed for ADHD. "Kids didn't know back...
  9. Ron Strider

    Canada: Majority Of Ontario Residents Oppose Government Run Cannabis Stores

    It's true - the province has made a major move in its plan to regulate and dispense cannabis prior to the federal government's plan to legalize the substance next year. Now that the Ontario government will be overseeing the legal retail of cannabis all over the province, residents have weighed...
  10. Ron Strider

    Private Sector Participation In Ontario's Cannabis Plan Would Have Many Benefits

    A provincial cannabis framework including private retail options would offer certain benefits lacking in the Ontario government's vision for legalization, says one of the province's leading licensed cannabis producers. At a press conference last week, Finance Minister Yasir Naqvi announced...
  11. FeloniousPunk

    Anybody Do Any Of The Provincial Cannabis Surveys?

    Hi All, I just completed the Alberta survey ( Alberta’s approach to cannabis legalization | alberta.ca ). I don't think the Alberta survey was as restrictive as the Ontario one. If you get to a point where none of the answers seem to work there is often a comments option. I'm not sure I...
  12. Ian Bastage

    Public Survey: Cannabis legalization in Ontario - ends July 31/2017

    Public Survey Cannabis legalization in Ontario ends July 31/2017 Go to: Survey: Cannabis legalization in Ontario | Ontario.ca
  13. Ron Strider

    Ontario: Cannabis Survey Deadline July 31

    Former police officer and Hamilton Township Deputy Mayor Gary Woods asked that council support letting people know that the consultation period for matters surrounding the legalization of cannabis in Ontario is fast approaching. Individual members of the public and individual councilors can...
  14. K

    Need to know the procedures to start a dispensary in Ontario

    I own and operate a dispensary in Ontario, Canada. I am getting more inquiries for MMJ recently. Of course, they are with the prescription. Canada is being more lenient towards the medical use of marijuana, yet it has to make it legal. There are a few dispensaries here that sell MMJ and I was...
  15. T

    Brand spankin new here!

    Hey All I am a med patient and legal grower here in Ontario Canada since 2006. As the title say I am new here and looking to check things out. Swing by and say hi, especially if you are in Ontario like me.
  16. D

    Hello from Ontario, Canada eh!

    Hey I'm new to the 420 magazine site, just finished my first indoor test run grow, about to start the real deal and looking to post a grow journal with pictures online for any help full suggestions and information. I have growen outdoors for decades but pretty new to indoors.
  17. R

    Segregating Medical Marijuana Patients Isn't The Answer

    In 1997 my father was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive cancer. He underwent treatments, both conventional and alternative, and despite a courageous fight, he passed away in the spring of 1998. During his illness I visited with him and my mother quite often and remember how people looked...
  18. L

    Student from Ontario

    Hi to all enthusiasts and cultivators. I'm an Engineering Student from Ontario. I've decided to get involved after starting my first tent grow. Cheers to this great hobby! :volcano-smiley:
  19. H

    Doctors willing to prescribe marijuana in Ontario - free

    Because it's so hard to find a doctor, Just wanted to let everyone know that I found a place thats free. the place is called Bodystream.
  20. O

    Category B - Ontario Canada - my doc says yes - what now?

    Hi folks, I am in Ontario Canada and hoping to get my MMAR license. I had testicular cancer last year, and now I am suffering from what counselors are calling post traumatic stress disorder and anxiety. It was a rough go and I am having trouble coping. I had never even tried weed. Some...
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