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    MA: As Was Done With Medical Marijuana, Question 4 Foes Are Defying Voters' Will

    It's time for opponents of legalization to stop campaigning against the new law to tax and regulate marijuana ("Ways to salvage marijuana law," Shirley Leung, Business, Nov. 16). The voters have spoken, and the state should implement the ballot initiative as written. Repeating the scare tactics...
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    NV: Marijuana Opponents Missing Big Picture In Argument About Black Market

    If you can find a connection to the black market, you can purchase a lot of things there. Jewelry, guns, custom wheels for your car - you name it, and somebody's probably stealing it and selling it illicitly. Even laundry detergent became a plentiful black-market product a couple of years ago...
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    Foes Of Pot Legalization Claim Marijuana Ads Are Coming To TV

    U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein, who opposes Proposition 64, the state's legalization initiative, said recently that, if passed, the law would allow "marijuana smoking ads in prime time, on programs with millions of children and teenage viewers." Now, it's true that there is language in the...