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  1. dom2mac

    Tap root up or down?

    As a new grower, I have been doing a lot of research on optimal growing techniques. I am a firm believer that a community can reach a consensus and quite frankly on this topic I am having a hard time finding what everyone thinks is the optimal way to plant your seeds. So do you: Plant the...
  2. O


    First off, Thanks for the great advice, scorpio420 and Mrfortwenty. I have a another question. I have three autoflowers in the 4 week of flowering. I have a 600w led light. Is that enough light, but it looks like they can take more light. What the optimal wattage. And can I add more lights this...
  3. D

    Optimal Photosynthesis Occurs at room temperature

    Heat without circulation and airflow is very very bad for most all species of plants. It is a known scientific fact that optimal photosynthesis occurs at room temperature. So, the secret to growing any plant is to give it the brightest light (Most lumens) The lumen (symbol: lm) is the SI...
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