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  1. Ron Strider

    CA: San Diego City Council Votes On Marijuana Regulations

    The San Diego City Council voted 6-3 Monday on an option for regulating marijuana use in San Diego, now that it is legal. Council members chose between two options. The first would have allowed testing of marijuana and marijuana products in labs in industrial and commercial zones that...
  2. cannaruss


    cant figure out how to make my signature clickable. I went to the link option but I don't know what to put there? Please help
  3. K

    TN: Memphis Pot Possession Ordinance Will Require Review

    Giving police the option to issue a citation for possession of a small amount of marijuana rather than charging the individual with a state criminal offense could save a life. Saddling a careless but nonviolent offender with the burden of an undeserved criminal record can have long-lasting...
  4. E

    Struggle to find some good information about lamp technology - Help me out

    Hey, i have some strugle to find some good information about wich lamp teconology i should order. I live in a country where is it cold in the winter season and not so hot in the summer. The tent im going to buy is like 5x5x6.5 and im going to have it in my bedrom. So wich lamps do you...
  5. J

    Question about lights

    So I have a 48 x 42 tent and a MARS hydro II 900 Led. My question is, is that enough light for my plants? Also I notice the lights have a grow stage option and bloom option , should I only use grow for veg or I should use the 2 spectrums?
  6. H

    Herbies Seeds - Paradise Dutch Kush Free Seed Offer

    When its gone, its gone! EVERY order will have the option to select a free Cup Winning Dutch Kush seed from Paradise Seeds while the limited stock lasts. Just select the option at checkout. These offers usually go very fast, within days, so dont miss out!
  7. Ferboldt

    Right after harvest, vacation! What to do?

    Hi everyone!!! I'm 5 weeks close to my harvest and 4 weeks for my summer vacation, where I will be out of the country for 3 weeks!!! I'm going to harvest my lovely girl 1 week earlier than I planned. How can I manage my drying and curing stage? Any ideas? Option 1 = Don't harvest...
  8. J

    Washington Pharmacists Vote To Recommend Descheduling Medical Marijuana

    When I arrived at Highline College to sit in on a meeting of the Washington State Pharmacy Quality Assurance Commission (PQAC) last Friday, I was fairly certain the puke-yellow puffy Ed Hardy jacket I'd spotted on the bus on the way there would be the most interesting thing I'd see all day...