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  1. S

    Need to get some seeds

    But I live in a state that it's not exactly legal in yet, wonder where the best places for ordering seeds from, and which have the best stealth shipping methods?
  2. Gorilla Seeds

    5% Off Gorilla Seeds For All 420 Magazine Users!

    Good evening fellow 420Mag users :1:! For 5% off Gorilla from today through the month of February, please use the discount code below when ordering on Gorilla: Cannabis Seeds 420MAG5 Have a great weekend :pop2:!!! -G
  3. A

    First time ordering seeds - Fem or auto? Highest yeilding easyest to grow indoors

    few questions.... first time ordering seeds ..... 1. best online bank that sends to usa at a decent price - considering marijuana-seed ... n l 2. auto or fem ?? cant really decide .. def not reg since im only spending like $50 max for 5-10 3. best strain with the highest yeild / semi fast...
  4. Vestrimatrik

    Herbies seed company?

    Has anyone ordered from herbies seed company? If so, how was your experience? Did the genetics turn out to be good? What was your success rate? Im in the US and I've only ordered from 2 seed companies, one stiffed me for $300, the other one did deliver and so far I have 4 of 5 mystery seeds...
  5. Nicholas Flamel

    What are the highest THC strains on earth?

    Since I know we all like to talk about weed. Im Ordering seeds soon and i wanted to get a High THC strain. Any suggestions? Thanks :smokin:
  6. EventHorizon

    900w Mars Hydro Grow Journals?

    I was just wondering if anyone knew of links or had photo results from a 900w (420w actual draw) Mars Hydro LED? I was thinking about ordering one for Christmas off eBay for about $500 Canadian.
  7. S

    Celebration pipes

    hey i just orders a rasta fire celebration pipe and i was wondering if anyone else out there has ordered one and how long did it take to get in from the day u ordered i?
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