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  1. NL-Auto-LifEnd2+6-20.jpg


    Organic Northern Lights Auto life cycle end
  2. NL-Auto-LifEnd6-20.jpg


    Organic Northern Lights Auto life cycle end
  3. Cannabis spider

    Cannabis spider

    I love finding fun little creatures in my garden..Shooting Macro is always cool because everything looks like it comes from another world....
  4. Pastel12

    New leaves very skinny and drooping, week 5 into Autoflower, Coco living soil Kind

    Happy growing guys. ive included some pictures but i’m having two issues. 1: I can’t tell if i’m over or under watering. When I feel like I correct the watering they fluctuate. I use KIND living hot soil below coco so I don’t water till run off. This kind of leads me to 2: I can’t tell if i’m...
  5. GanjaFarmerGrow

    ChemGOD Automatic Ganja Farmer Seeds

    We Would like to present Our own ChemGOD Automatic shown in an organic grow... we hope you like it... here it is at the start...
  6. S

    Cheap & Stealthy Attempt In Soil - Royal Creamatic 2017

    Hi everyone on 420mag, this is my very first post here, I've only been reading journals since now. I'm gonna explain what I am working on: I've always been very passionate about growing and this is my first attempt with autoflowering cannabis. Even though I had/have a very low budget, I still...
  7. Perfect Sun LED

    Vertical Grow With Turntables - Autos & Regulars - Organic

    Okay, so first, a bit about this new set up. Lights -- Two vertical hanging lights, both 600w, top one is HPS, bottom is MH. This mixed spectrum, I believe makes for denser buds. Soil/Medium -- Coco by botanicare and 50% mixed in perlite. I use the brick coco, so I soak it in ph 6.0 water...
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