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  1. MagicJim

    Completed What's In Jim's Grow Room?

    :welcome: all. I plan on maintaining a perpetual grow. For now we have Blue Dream clones and I'll be creating fem seeds using silver thiosulfate (STS) I'm getting better at keeping clones alive and I have 8 Blue Dream clones that are strong and healthy and I intend to grow them out in 1...
  2. Gaffle

    Abandoned Gaffles Grow: 3rd Time The Charm!

    Hello 420 magers, welcome to my new grow! This has been a most beneficial year for my little mediocre room. I have learned and grown traits which will hopefully allow a modest bounty come summer. Lets get started! On February 3rd 2017 my mother passed away very unexpectedly. The last...
  3. 4msterdam

    Completed 4msterdam's - Indoor - Budget - OG Kush Grow - Bag Seed

    I collected 3 BagSeeds of OG Kush and decided to try and grow them, rather than wasting them. Here goes my first post of this Journal. OG Kush BagSeed, Hybrid, (Dispencery where the bud+seed came from claimed 21% THC, 0% CBD, although I have no way to confirm this claim, I must say, it was...
  4. G

    Please help - Newer grower - Undiagnosable problem thus far

    Hello, Everyone. I am new to the forum so, GREAT TA MEET YA. Anyway, I have been to so many pages and forums trying to find out what is going on with my girl and I have yet to find anything on it. I'm going to try to post a picture but in case it wont let me.....The lower older leafs are...
  5. K

    Serious Seeds, Biddy Early?

    Hi guys, just wondering if any of you have grown serious seeds, and if? What was your outcome, thinking about starting som biddy early seeds anytime now, just have to get all the small details all done, where thinking on a scrog any tips?
  6. Z

    Organic nutrients? And molasses? Yay or nay? Little help please

    Hey guys! First time grow here. So I have 5 blueberrys from cropking, there reg not auto. I have them under 6 200watt cfl"s. There each in a gallon bucket with organic soil. They have been veging for a while now, to be honest the only nutrients I've given them so far has been bone meal and...
  7. H

    Abandoned First Grow - Seed - White Domina?

    Week #0 First Grow - Seed - White Domina? - Blogs - 420 Magazine ®
  8. H

    Abandoned Found Magic in the Garden

    So I found this plant in my mothers garden. It must have been a seed I threw off the porch or something. So, I took it and potted it in organic soil! :) I put her in a bathtub and under twenty four hour light. Then I sat back and watched her grow:) Then I got some more lights opened up...
  9. D

    Abandoned Dr Gundam's - 8000W Veg - 7000W Flower - Soil - Perpetual Grow - 2014

    Yo whats up world! I have just finished constructing my basement grow. It will be about 8000w HID lighting total with 7000 in the flower room. Have got some seeds in soil and all thats left is to fill flower room with equipment! Here is a little info and will be adding pictures shortly...
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