organic hydro nutes

  1. B

    Monsta Bud - Ozi Magic Gro Juice

    Hey Guys New to this, Just Started out with nutes. I picked this up at my local Garden store anybody tried this before or what would you recommend. As im on a budget and cannot afford nutes dedicated to MJ... Nutrient Information Thanks For reading :peace: Blonk6...
  2. D

    100% organic dwc set up

    Im looking to set up a dwc grow room and i want to go 100% organic. with that said i was wondering if any one had any suggestions on how to go about it, manly in the way of what nutrients should i look into getting. I have and am currently researching but there is nothing like first hand advice.
  3. tintala

    Thank you for the organic forum

    This will hopefully get alot of threads! to start off , does anyone use PURE BLEND PRO ORGANIC NUTES? If so, do you use the cal mag as well? I dont think it's necessary unless you use RO water... WHat organic nutes do you use?
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