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  1. MGO Grows

    Do Not Miss The MightyGrow Show!

    Want to see how MightyGrow will perform? Make sure and check out the sponsored grow journals going on right now! The links to the journals are in my signature. Simple, easy to use organics with incredible growth rates! Check it out for yourself!
  2. MGO Grows

    Growers Wanted For Sponsored Journals - MightyGrow

    Hey guys! Sam here from MightyGrow Organics, I am looking for 3 growers to complete sponsored grow journals featuring my products. We are new to 420 Magazine, and I am excited to become a part of this community. I believe in MightyGrow products, and I believe that once the 420 community has...
  3. MGO Grows

    Best Organic Nutrients 4/20 Special $99 Nutrient Starter Kit With Free Shipping!

    Hey folks! Sam here with BestOrganicNutrients.com. Wanted to let you guys know that our 4/20 sale has started! We are offering our MightyGrow starter kit for $99 plus FREE Shipping. The MightyGrow Starter Kit is a great bang for your buck! At $139.99 value, it's an incredible bargain at only...
  4. R

    Over watering organic soil pH 5.5

    Hey I just started to grow my first set. One Northern Light 4 weeks, One Cheese 3 weeks, one Skunk 4 weeks wich seems to have some problems... Allmost all of the leaves have some yellow contrast in them, and most of the upper ones is pretty yellow alltrough. She do not have as much power in...
  5. COorganics

    How to get started growing indoors organically - No bottles

    I hope folks with knowledge on the subject will contribute to this thread and that others will use it to learn, grow, and develop skills as organic cannabis gardeners. I will draw from personal experience as well as the work of others to compile information here for everyone at 420magazine's...
  6. D

    Bag Seed East Coast Guerilla

    Hello my friends! i have finally found how to post on here after some difficulty signing up here i am, so heres the scoop, now we have all heard not to grow bagseed being bad genetics slow growth, rouge plants, but the facts are that all pollinated plants produce seeds, and given love they will...
  7. conradino23

    Stinging nettle liquid fertilizer

    I thought I'd share one of the best natural/organic fertilizers there is, which you can make easily in just couple of days using a bucket, bunch of stinging nettle leaves and water. It's perfect for vegging (rich in nitrogen and microelements) and works not only for cannabis, but for all your...
  8. TanR

    Q: Regarding combining nutrients and the resulting cumulative strength of solution

    Hi all, First time indoor grower that has benefitted greatly from all the knowledge, experience and insights so generously shared on this site. As stated, I'm new to indoor growing, but not growing our beloved plant. I have searched all the forums and threads for a number of different key...
  9. B

    Monsta Bud - Ozi Magic Gro Juice

    Hey Guys New to this, Just Started out with nutes. I picked this up at my local Garden store anybody tried this before or what would you recommend. As im on a budget and cannot afford nutes dedicated to MJ... Nutrient Information Thanks For reading :peace: Blonk6...
  10. Q

    Any thought on General Organics nutrients product line?

    Hello all, I'm on my first proper soil grow, and my biggest issue is I live in a foreign country where clear labeling and honest reliable sellers of anything are a bit of a joke. Also my language skills ( I can speak and understand but reading written words is a whole other game) often...
  11. urmom

    Building great organic soil - questions and advice for me

    I have a question about not growing IN soil but growing THE soil. I have been an outdoor grower in the past and relied on the wonderful old farmers soils of the early 20th century to feed my girls. I lived in an area that had an old sustainable farm (before the term organic became...
  12. seagem

    Grass Roots Hi Brix

    "420's" Grass Roots Hi Brix
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